Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Pre-Order for Love Me Once

 Good evening, readers!

I've got Love Me Once (Book Three in the Infamous Forresters' series) up for pre-order at Amazon. Well, I am doing Kindle Unlimited with this release - the first time ever. I thought I should try to see if I gain some additional readers.

Here's the new blurb:

His mistress is England. His love is Shelene Hightower. 

To have one is to lose the other.

Roman Forrester knows he must change, or he will lose Shelene forever. Learning that her father, Commodore Hightower, has been lost at sea makes their reunion awkward and heartbreaking. Roman’s brother, Oliver, Hightower’s second in command was also lost.

To have him is to have a half-life.

Shelene has already given up hope they will ever find happiness. When he returns to her once again, it is not in joy, but with the news of her father's death and that he is leaving to find out what happened to her father and his brother. She can’t fault him, but she can’t forgive him for leaving her again.

Roman can keep England, she is going home to Spain to reclaim her mother’s family estate and learn to live again. Without him.

I've moved my release date to August 3rd. As always I look forward to your reviews!


Tuesday, June 8, 2021

The Infamous Forresters series and New Covers!

 Hi All!

It's been a busy week: finished a manuscript and turned it into my editor; revealed a new cover for this book called Love Me Once AND even more cover fun, I've had the Infamous Forresters covers revamped using #Romancelandia's favorite cover trope "The Clinch". It's always nice to see the Hero and Heroine locked in a passionate embrace!

Here they are!

Does Adam really love his mistress, Eloise? Or is she doomed to love a man who loves another?

Joshua has always had a soft spot for his neighbor's daughter, but Char has more than she can handle keeping her sisters from trouble. She doesn't need to be caught in Joshua's Forrester's web.

Roman Forrester is devoted to his country. But he is held captive by his long-time love Shelene Hightower. When will their stars finally align?

Sunday, June 6, 2021

Cover Reveal: Love Me Once

 I love BOOK COVERS! I love book covers that are prepared by Dar Albert of Wicked Smart Design. And I love stock photos from Killion Group Images/Hot Damn Design. Combined, they are my own little masterpieces.

I don't doubt that making a cover is a fun, interesting and, at times, a frustrating profession, but what sets Dar apart is her ability to read between the lines of an author design request. I swear I can give her ten words of description and she comes up with the picture/cover that was in my mind's eye - or very close!!

Some of you have heard Book Three in The Infamous Forrester series is coming out soon - hopefully end of July, but possibly the first couple weeks of August. The title: Love Me Once. It's kind of a riff on "Fool Me Once" because while my hero and heroine deeply love each other, the stars never seem to align for them.

Earlier, I was preparing this blog post and I was going to say "And look at me - doing a Spanish heroine", thinking, aren't I being unique. I totally forgot about my Spanish hero in one of my romantic suspense contemporaries, Play It Cool. Ah, well...

So, here it is: Love Me Once

Sunday, February 21, 2021

An Inadvisable Wager Release Day

The most wonderful time of the year...you know it's either a release day or cover reveal day, right!!!

An Inadvisable Wager is up
 for pre-order and releases on February 23rd!


Wednesday, January 27, 2021

An Inadvisable Wager Release Date!

 I'm still on track for 4, count'em FOUR, releases this year. All historical romances - heat level may vary.

You may already know but the next book in The Curse of the Weatherby Ball will be released on February 23rd! This book is titled An Inadvisable Wager. (And I do apologize, I goofed on my cover/story order. I had the cover for Book 2 done first, but I finished Book 3 first. Hope it's not too distracting!!!)

Here's the updated blurb. It happens once in a while, but rarely, do I change a protagonist's name during the writing process but I did for this one. Hero was going to be Graham, but I renamed him Gabriel (he is rather angelic in the end. LOL)

Nora Blasington is cursed, born to the notorious George Blasington, renowned thief and traitor. Avenging her father is her lot in life and she is determined to prove that three ton gentlemen illegitimately benefited from his death, stealing her father’s properties. Properties that rightfully belonged to her brother, the 4th Earl of Wargrove.

Only the Wicked Three are dead and can no longer reveal their secrets. No bother! She will wreak vengeance on the sons of those wicked ones since they have what she wants: Henbury Hall, the Cornish tin mines and the Henbury stallions.

The Weatherby Ball may be cursed, but Nora ably catches the eye of Gabriel Sutter, Earl of Carlow, the current owner of Henbury Hall. Just the man she needs. He unwittingly falls into her trap.

What she doesn’t know is that Gabriel is quite taken with the mysterious and oddly dramatic masked beauty. Though, he might have been more cautious had he known Nora Blasington was hiding behind the mask. Oh hell, he had to marry at some point. It might as well be tonight, and it might as well be to the woman who’d just tried to blackmail him.

I'm very hopeful that this book makes a few lists. Please help me make that happen!!!

I'm working on the next book - another in the Infamous Forrester's series. I'm usually right on top of titles but this one has eluded me. Right now it is just called "Roman" - the hero's name.

Friday, January 1, 2021

Happy New Year

We made it! 2021 will surely be a wonderful year. What do you have planned?

I'd like to say I have some new and great plans, but I will be writing, as usual. I have four books I'm trying to release this year - all historical romances. I think I've posted about this earlier, but here's the plan.

In February, An Inadvisable Wager will be released. I'm just finishing edits on this one. I really like this story. A laid-back hero who is enchanted by the drama and emotion of the heroine.

After that, it will be another story in the Infamous Forresters and two more books in the Wicked Affairs series.

Hopefully I'll hear from you throughout the year. Leave me some reviews, or contact me on FB or Twitter. All the best. E.