Tuesday, June 8, 2021

The Infamous Forresters series and New Covers!

 Hi All!

It's been a busy week: finished a manuscript and turned it into my editor; revealed a new cover for this book called Love Me Once AND even more cover fun, I've had the Infamous Forresters covers revamped using #Romancelandia's favorite cover trope "The Clinch". It's always nice to see the Hero and Heroine locked in a passionate embrace!

Here they are!

Does Adam really love his mistress, Eloise? Or is she doomed to love a man who loves another?

Joshua has always had a soft spot for his neighbor's daughter, but Char has more than she can handle keeping her sisters from trouble. She doesn't need to be caught in Joshua's Forrester's web.

Roman Forrester is devoted to his country. But he is held captive by his long-time love Shelene Hightower. When will their stars finally align?

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