Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Pre-Order for Love Me Once

 Good evening, readers!

I've got Love Me Once (Book Three in the Infamous Forresters' series) up for pre-order at Amazon. Well, I am doing Kindle Unlimited with this release - the first time ever. I thought I should try to see if I gain some additional readers.

Here's the new blurb:

His mistress is England. His love is Shelene Hightower. 

To have one is to lose the other.

Roman Forrester knows he must change, or he will lose Shelene forever. Learning that her father, Commodore Hightower, has been lost at sea makes their reunion awkward and heartbreaking. Roman’s brother, Oliver, Hightower’s second in command was also lost.

To have him is to have a half-life.

Shelene has already given up hope they will ever find happiness. When he returns to her once again, it is not in joy, but with the news of her father's death and that he is leaving to find out what happened to her father and his brother. She can’t fault him, but she can’t forgive him for leaving her again.

Roman can keep England, she is going home to Spain to reclaim her mother’s family estate and learn to live again. Without him.

I've moved my release date to August 3rd. As always I look forward to your reviews!


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