Sunday, November 8, 2015

Dukes, Earls, Viscounts, Oh, My!

We're celebrating historical romance all week!

One copy of my book Wicked Secrets is part of the Grand Prize Basket in the Dukes, Earls, Viscounts, Oh My event on Facebook. Monica Burns and Amanda Mariel, the event hostesses, have told me the Grand Prize contains over 40 books, mine included. Daily giveaways will be held as well as other fun posts. I hope you will visit Monica's and Amanda's event. The link is

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Let me introduce you to the Forresters

Hi everyone! I am finishing up the second book in the Infamous Forresters' series. I introduced you to Adam in the novella All A Mistress Wants. The rest of the family wasn't clear to me when I was writing that story but in the second book, about the third son named Joshua, the family is coming into clear focus.

The second son, Roman, is the heir to Sterling and Adam's confidant. Roman is a bit of a mystery to his family. He is a gambler but he is so much more.

Joshua is a traveler and an introvert. He loves his books, his maps, his history. And he has a great weakness when it comes to women in trouble. He can't save everyone but he does try. I haven't titled this book yet. It currently has the original title of "Joshua's story."

Nicolas, the fourth son, is off on an adventure in Hudson Bay, Canada. He is a sportsman and a hunter. On a return trip to London he becomes involved with a metis - an American Indian/French woman with an unquenchable spirit.

And then there is Oliver. The youngest son. A military man. Assigned to the HMS Victorious, Oliver's adventures leave him clinging to life, one wild adventure at a time.

The Forresters also have a married sister. I haven't made any decisions to write her story but she will be around.

The next story will be out in March 2016 in the Seven Nights of Sin Anthology. Like this page so you can keep up all the latest for this release.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Pre-release sale of The Darkness in the Marquess of Dane

On October 14th, my new release The Darkness in the Marquess of Dane will be available but you can get it on sale now for only .99 cents. After that it will back to it's regular price of $2.99. Better hurry.

Here's a new blurb:

“Is deflowering all that you expected?”

She turned away from his mocking gaze. Dane rolled to his side beside her, slowing as he came to rest on his back.

“I’m not afraid of you,” she said.

“Is that what you think this is about? That I’m trying to scare you? I have better things to do with my time.”

She sat up in the bed and peered over her shoulder. “I think that you have nothing better to do than intimidate anyone who dares show you a kindness.”

“You aren’t old enough to know that no one is kind without an ulterior motive. And, in case you’ve forgotten, I’m paying you. Neither kindness nor fear has anything to do with our time together. Unless I wish it.”

He swung his feet off the bed. “Dress yourself, Miss Turnbow. I’ll send for the carriage.”

So he wasn’t going to accept the price for which they had bargained. She couldn’t read anything into his decision. Should she be insulted that he did not want her? Or should she be thankful his reasons for entering into their Faustian bargain were to remain unclear and unfulfilled?

If he was inviting her to leave, she wouldn’t hesitate. She ignored the torn undergarments but buttoned her short jacket. Her cape would cover a multitude of outward sins. Her conscience would have to deal with everything else.

Dane stood at the table, his robe still disarranged and too revealing. He had collected a metal box that now sat before him with the lid thrown back. “Your money,” he said, glancing at her as she approached.

He threw the money on the table one bill at a time, giving her time to count. When he stopped at two thousand five hundred, she said, “But you’ve already given me five hundred.”

“Humor me.”

She reached for the money, feeling a moment of uncertainty now that Dane’s sexual excesses officially tainted her. Tarnished, that was what she was.

He started a second stack that grew to five thousand pounds, the pile of money in a small mound on the table.

“Another week, Miss Turnbow. What do you say?”

* * * * *

Mark stood at the library door, drink in hand, when Christina came in the front door of their townhouse.

Looking at her brother was more difficult than she imagined it might be—after the events of last night.

“You look like you could use a drink,” he said.

She did not bother to remove her cape, instead brushing past him and walking to the sideboard. She had never been interested in hard alcohol, preferring sweet drinks like ratafia or lemonade. Drunkenness to the point of forgetfulness seemed a good idea for the first time in her life. It would dull her memory temporarily, but she thought she’d earned a few hours to disconnect from her new reality, that of a fallen woman.

She poured the brandy into her glass and lifted it with shaking fingers. Mark reached around her and took the glass.


She turned into his chest and his arms went around her.

There were no racking sobs, but the trickle of tears came. The pent up pressure crumbled beneath her brother’s support.

“I got the money,” she said. Before she left, Dane had stood at his table, counting out the bills as if they were ha’pennies. And then, when he’d counted out another five thousand, she’d almost gotten sick. His offer was untenable and no one would ever have to know about the new offer or the twenty-four hours she had agreed to spend with him.

“Am I the worst brother in Christendom, allowing you to do this wretched thing?”

“I had to help, Mark.”

“I know.”

“And you will be happy to know I am still a virgin.”

Mark took her by the shoulders at held her at arm’s length. “Dane? He didn’t touch you?”

She sucked in a breath and she felt the crush of anxiety at the realization of what she had done. “I didn’t say that. He is…very different.”

She reached for the brandy. Mark didn’t stop her this time. Once she swallowed, the golden elixir trailed down her throat, leaving behind a scorching reminder that she was not a practiced drinker.

She coughed and set the glass aside.

“Do you want to talk about it?”

“I don’t even know where to begin.”

“I will make this up to you some day. I don’t know how, but I promise I will.”

“Just help John make this right. Use this money wisely so that when I do have to give up my virginity, it is to a man who will appreciate my worth.”

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Wicked Affairs, Book Seven - Readers' choice

Decisions, decisions.

I'm toying with book seven in the Wicked Affairs series. I've got three stories I'm working on and want your opinion on the book you most want to read. The titles are all tentative so don't read anything into them AND the stories aren't under contract yet either (so a contract will win out, no matter how things go here). So here they are:

Option One:
Wicked Shades
Audrina and Gray Paquin find themselves in a problematic marriage. Gray is the consummate gentleman but his wife needs a very strong hand. Audrina is the sister to Clarissa (Wicked Desires) and Juliana (Wicked Indiscretions).

Option Two:
Wicked Scandal
Emberline Booth (we met her briefly at Glen Arbor, Edward Chase's home in Wicked Lord) is a long time acquaintance of Trenton James (we met him in Wicked Siren, one of Viviana Love's backstage admirers), one of the ton scoundrels, who has suddenly set his gaze upon widow Emberline. She'd rejected Trenton once and he'd punished her in return - causing great harm to both families. What is she to do know that she really needs him?

Option Three:
Wicked Jade
Viscount Robert North (brother of Emberline Booth) is tempted by a married woman. (I know who this is, but to tell you would give away an upcoming storyline).

Leave a comment for the story you'd most like to read... And please bear with me on which ever story it ends up being. 

Can't wait to hear your thoughts.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Imogene Farrell - Book cover reveal

I've got a new series coming up, something near and dear to my heart, mostly because I love the tough, foul-mouthed orphan Imogene Farrell.

I'm showing the covers here but jump over to the series page and you can also see the blurbs for each book.

I have the lovely Dar Albert to thank. It wasn't easy to find a cover model that would work for all four covers, but she got close.  I absolutely love the Book Three cover for the Frenchman's widow - it is so absolutely perfect for that book. Right now, I'm targeting November 1st as the release date for book one!


Monday, September 14, 2015

Play It Cool: Release day September 16th

Wow, this release happened fast. Seems like just yesterday I was editing this story. Play It Cool is book three in the Cold Play series. This is a romantic suspense series, all with international settings from London, England to Athens, Greece and all points in between. The heroes are all very, very bad men who've come to the realization there is only one thing worth dying for - not country, not money, not power - but the women they love.

Blurb for Play It Cool!

Ingrid is attracted to the sexy Spaniard and he’s just the man she needs for a one-night stand. He’s the perfect lover and a great antidote to forgetting her fiancĂ©. Too bad she hasn’t told him who she really is.

Rafe is a thief and liar. He has spent his life breaking hearts and scamming the unsuspecting. Until he is caught up in a scheme that threatens his daughter, Rafe has never considered settling down. Until CIA strongman David Freeman forces him into a corner.

Just as Rafe finds love and lust with the peaceful beauty Ingrid, his world comes crashing down. He learns the hard way the woman he is falling for is the missing Rittenhauser heiress. Just the kind of woman he needs to avoid if he is to change his ways.

And just the kind of woman to despise him for his humble beginnings and illegal activities. One last job for Freeman to earn his freedom and maybe win Ingrid the old fashioned way...with sex and seduction.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

All A Mistress Wants

Last November, I participated in an anthology titled Wanton Christmas Wishes with a story titled All A Mistress Wants. Well it is finally available on its own. And check out this beautiful cover by Dar Albert from Wicked Smart Designs.

Eloisa Larkin wishes for the one thing she can’t have—the love of the powerful Duke of Sterling. Being his mistress provides many luxuries but being hopelessly devoted to a man who loves another as left her feeling alone and the last thing she wants is to spend Christmastide with him and his family.

In book two, you’ll meet Joshua Forrester and the mysterious woman who’s being immortalized on a scandalous painting. Coming soon!