Monday, May 18, 2020

New Cover Release - Pinnacle

Coronavirus has given me something I haven't had for a while: Abundant Writing Time!

The first book in the two-part "Charbonneau Twins" stories is about thirty-days from edit completion. I'm having two rounds down because it is so long - a little over 85,000 words. Just a reminder it is a contemporary romance. The first story is Peak - about superstar model Paul Charbonneau finishing up his runway career (don't worry, he'll still be doing magazine covers and men's clothing lines!). The cover for peak was published on my last post.

BUT, here is the book cover for the second in the series - Pinnacle. Financier David Charbonneau is at the crossroads of life. His ex drops off his twin daughters, he's just lost millions for his firm and is starting a new job that has turned into an albatross. And he's lost his closest friend, his administrative assistant and financial whiz who rivals his own abilities. But Veronica has her own ambitions and it isn't to work forever in the staid world of finance.

Vero has loved him for a very long time but with her own success within reach and at the cusp of realizing her dream, she must steel herself against David's charms pulling her back into his world. He has come to the painful realization that Veronica has been more than a friend all along. But now, for the first time in his charmed life, he can't interfere. He can't tell her that he loves her for fear he'd be the person to get in her way. And he can never do that to Veronica, not when she is so close.

Coming soon.

Coming in July!

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

New Cover Reveal for PEAK

It's always a joy to share a new cover and this one is a beauty! Most of you know me as a historical romance author, but I do occasionally write contemporary romance. This one is super special - a story I've wanted to write for a long time.

I've read a ton of romance novels and the ones that have male TWIN leads have always been a favorite. I was determined to write one.

Paul Charbonneau and David Charbonneau. Both successful. Both at a turning point in life. They haven't spoken in eight years.

PEAK - Supermodel Paul Charbonneau is finishing his runway career and ready for a new challenge. That challenge is his complicated relationship with Everest climber, Claire Allen, and her quest to climb to the peak again.

PINNACLE - Super financier David Charbonneau has just had a major financial loss for his company and is out of a job. His ex-girlfriend shows up at his door and drops off his twin daughters. What else can go wrong? The loss of his executive assistant - a constant in his life; a new nanny for the girls - a constant irritant; and an offer too good to refuse from Lady Walter-Phillips.

So, Peak is with my editor. I don't have a release date yet but I think May-ish. I'm still writing Pinnacle. Hope you love them! Oh, and do tell me what you think of the cover. Dar Albert did another bang-up job!!!!!

Saturday, November 16, 2019

Snippet from PEAK

Here's a peek at my work-in-progress, Peak. It'll be heading to my editor soon. It's a contemporary romance with lots of hotness and a swoon-worthy French supermodel, Paul Charbonneau.

"Once they arrived at the Strand, she and Candice exited the car to the snaps of cameras and the guards who ushered and blocked. The crowds were already growing, huddled outside the barriers in little fan groups. She was noticed and there were several who yelled, “Hey, Claire!”

Candice was a good sport and huddled to the side, waiting while Claire modeled for several pictures. Sometimes, she thought she looked like a goof with the supermodel poses, but she’d never been embarrassed when the pictures hit the local mags and papers. It didn’t hurt that she was toned from her bares arms to her long legs. She did a couple of the ingĂ©nue over-the-shoulder looks so everyone got to see her exposed back.

Just as quickly as she’d gotten attention, it was taken away.

There were screams from the crowd, young girls in love with a male supermodel. Chants of “Paul. Paul. Paul.” started. Then an “I love you, Paul,” rang out. She understood exactly why the Charbonneau’s inspired such fierce fangirling. 

Claire could only see a hand waving above the crowds about him.

“Let’s find the loo, Candi.” They presented their tickets and entered the building.

“You look fine.”

“I need to look great.”

“Go on then. I’ll find where we are supposed to sit. And where the shopping rooms are.”

Claire gripped her clutch and strolled down the hallway, seeing a few faces she knew. By name only. Others experienced the same sensation when looking at her. A few people just smiled and said, “Hi, Claire.” One held out a program and asked for her autograph.

One of the strangest sensations of quasi-fame was peoples’ reaction to her. She climbed mountains for a living, how did that qualify her to give an opinion on the Royals, Cadbury Eggs or Outlander? After all, Cadbury Eggs were not in her diet and never had been. Did that make her a bad Brit? And she wasn’t into addictions, which is why she rarely binged anything, even if it meant watching a hot redhead with a sexy Scottish burr. Politics? Windsor intrigue? It was hard to resist the Daily Mail headlines, but who in their right mind would want their life?

Claire stood in front of the bathroom mirror again—in one day, had she ever looked at herself so many times? Suitable was the only word that came to mind, and probably accurate, considering the most beautiful people in the world were gathering for the show.

She left the room, head down and digging in her clutch, when she ran into a well-dressed man.

“Oh!” she said, looking up at him. “David?” she said, the smile on her face genuine, the churn in her stomach frightening and the urge “to jump his bones” very real. Magnetism was such an undefinable thing, but the pull of attraction surged through every fiber and hair of her body. His eyes sparkled as their gazes locked.

Good God, was there anyone in the world better looking?

His hand gripped lightly on her upper arm. Had he saved her from a fall? A head-over-heels fall?

“No. Paul.”

“Paul Charbonneau?”

Oui,” he said in French. Probably a reflex. And probably laughing at her since he was so unmistakable.

“I’m Claire Allen. The climber.”

Was there a more perfect head of jet black, wavy hair? She was susceptible to his intrinsic allure and thought she might be leaning toward him. 

He smiled. She turned to liquid. “I know who you are,” he said."

Monday, June 24, 2019

Short Story

I've written a bunch of short stories over the years under a pseudo - a lot of romances and even more science fiction, believe it or not. I was looking through my short story file tonight and found this one that got published on a romance-friendly site. I think I got some advertising as compensation.

This one is called The Truth About Cupid. Tell me what you think.

Most people don’t know this, but Valentine’s Day is my only day off.  People don’t fall in love on Valentine’s Day, they’re already in love. That’s the one day of the year I’m not needed.

By the way, my name isn’t Cupid, it’s Leo. I’m responsible for the five-block area around Handley Train Station.

I do some of my best work in the spring. Take April, for instance. Flowers, birds, warm sunshine. There’s something about Spring that makes people willing to fall in love. I’ll have to talk to the season to find out why she’s so special.

Look over there. See them? I’ve been trying since Thanksgiving to get them together.


His name is Jack. He’s brilliant, but he doesn’t have a clue how to interact with women. And if he’d take off those glasses, women might actually find him attractive. When Jack lived in Pensacola, Martin my cupid counterpart and relationship rookie, really botched up a job. Tried to get Jack to fall in love with a woman who didn’t love plants. He works for the National Parks Service north of the city, but he lives right next to the train station -- two blocks over. He’s all mine now.

Her name is Betsy. She loves the outdoors and has the most incredible raised garden bed behind her little two-bedroom house. She lives on the other side of the tracks. I have to admit, she is one of my tougher cases. She’s had no experience with real love. Poor thing, not even from her parents.

She doesn’t think there is anyone for her, but this is just another myth Doubt likes to spread.


But Betsy knows how to love: her friends, her cat, her garden. Jack is perfect for her.

Only four blocks apart and they haven’t even met each other yet.

Last month, I tried a little gig at the corner grocery store. Just at the moment he grabbed a bunch of parsley, she was supposed to be standing there, waiting her turn for the leafy vegetables. Yes, I called in a favor with Frost to stunt her greens.

Someone pulled a melon from one of those pyramid shaped stacks and, in a flash, the entire aisle was filled with melon bowling balls. Betsy was on her knees by the time Jack turned around to see what had happened. Foiled again. Fate was such a cruel foe, but I’d beaten her before. Did you know her middle name was Fickle? Remind me to tell you sometime about the vet who got cornered down on Pine by a poodle-wielding cosmetologist. I still haven’t gotten those two together.

Another thing you don’t know, if it weren’t for me and Martin and all of the others like us, Fate would win every time. People have an odd way of allowing things that shouldn’t be, to be. Especially in matters of the heart. But that’s why I’m here.

I’ve had good luck at Handley over the last ten years. This time I couldn’t miss.

Jack had decided last week to attend the Home and Garden Show downtown. It wasn’t difficult to slip the idea into Betsy’s mind. He wore is ‘I Live For Weed’ t-shirt and a rough pair of blue jeans. He hadn’t yet put two and two together about his t-shirt; he thought it looked cool. See what I have to work with?

Betsy woke like usual, fed her cat, composted the garden and then headed to the train station. You have no idea how many times they’ve been at this train station at the same time and walked right past each other as if they were ghosts.


The ‘Gardeners Do It In The Dirt’ t-shirt was an added bonus. I didn’t even know she had it.

Jack picked up a newspaper. Betsy grabbed a coffee. I cleared the only bench warmed by the rays of the April sun. It would be just the two of them, if all went well.

Jack wandered over and sat at one end. The trees held his attention. He shoved the paper under his arm. He glanced at his watch. Betsy stood for a few minutes by the train station schedule, running her fingers along the departure times. I whispered in her ear and she glanced longingly toward the sun-drenched seating area.

One more little nudge and she headed toward Jack.

I’ll bet you can feel the magnetic pull from where you sit.

Jack glanced up, but quickly looked away, nervously clutching his paper.

What’s this?  He started to stand, but I dropped my hand on top of his head and held him there. His paper dropped to the cement, unnoticed. His reaction was unexpected, but it could only mean one thing. He had noticed her before. Sometime’s my job was too easy.

Betsy sat down. I flicked my finger against her garden show ticket and it floated toward Jack. He bent to retrieve it.

He smiled, that first tentative movement of the lips, that said, ‘hey there.’

“Are you going to the show?” he asked. That’s my boy. Didn’t I tell you he was just a little backward with the girls? Brilliant, but simple.

He flicked his hand through his hair and handed her the ticket. Betsy’s fingers grazed his. He shoved his hands into his jean’s pocket as if he’d been burned.

“Yes. I wanted to see the new variety of hybrid broccoli,” she said. Betsy watched him with wide-eyed fascination. There’s someone for everyone.

“I’ve read all about it.”

The train rumbled into the station, screeching to a halt. They headed for the door, bumping as they entered. “After you,” he said.

I held out my hand to block him as he tried to turn away from her. He shrugged his shoulders with puppy-like obedience and followed her. There was only one place where the two of them could sit together and Betsy went for it. Two peas in a pod, I tell you.

Once I got them downtown to the garden show, I spotted Mother Nature -- she’d take her course with these two. I can’t let these opportunities go to waste.

Back at Handley Station, I pulled out my list -- six hundred potential matches to make before my next day off. Next up: the pretty little red-headed baker over on Market Street. It’d be a piece of cake.

Remember, my name is Leo. In case anyone asks.

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Ooh, bestsellers!

It's always good to have a bestseller! And my Kobo readers have been especially good to me this week. Two of my historical erotica romance have popped up on the Number 1 list!

Have you read these books yet? The Darkness in the Marquess of Dane actually hit #1 twice in like 4 days, so that was cool. Two different series represented here: Birds of Paradise and Mad Duchesses.

Mad Duchesses series is complete with four books about widowed duchesses trying to find love. The Birds of Paradise series has one more book, with one chapter complete. This series has been fun, because the primary protags all have varied relationships. Check out the series pages on this blog for more info! Also please not that The Darkness in the Marquess of Dane is one of my most highly rated books, but be prepared, the heat level is pretty high! Ah, who am I kidding, so is One Last Night!!!

Friday, April 26, 2019

Free Title - Imogene

Hi Everyone,

I don't know if you've seen my push for the FREE book Imogene. This is the first in the Imogene Farrell Series - 4 books about the irrepressible heroine of Victorian England. I've always felt this is one of my best series, maybe because Imogene is one of my best heroines. She's true to herself, determined and always looking out for her family.

This FREEBIE is available for a limited time! Hope you enjoy this one and the other books in the series. Jump over to the PAGES section if you want to get more information for all of the books. Also, the series is available in a bundle and that is still cheaper than buying the other 3 books as individuals.

Also available at most other major retails stores.

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

It's Release Day: Not Your Average Earl

A writer's favorite day! Yes, a new release is out today. Check out this cover.

A disturbing letter from India. A child not his own. Leo Bennett is bound to accept the child, as she is legally his. He didn't believe in love at first sight, but Celeste has become his reason for living. And the governess has become a thorn in his side.

Rose Stewart has an unnatural attachment to the child. And she has a valise full of secrets. Like being the duke of Murton's estranged granddaughter. It's not as if she lies, she just omits telling the truth.

Her troubles entangled Leo in a battle of wills, a determination to return her to her rightful place in society and the silent struggle of denied feelings.

I hope you enjoy this book and would love to have a review! Tell me what you think.