Contemporary Romance with some steam, but suitable for 17+

Lessons in Mountain Climbing, Book One

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"The story was unique, complicated and masterly written. Even better, it was believable." Arizona Lowe

Industrialist billionaire recluse Rane Kirk has all he wants—his plants and his privacy. That doesn’t mean the media is willing to leave the Titan of Telluride alone—not when his past is shrouded in mystery and not when one particular journalist has something to prove.

As a young girl, Kinzey Vance first met Rane. She’s never forgotten him. She’s also never lived down her perceived failure as one of the Kirk Enterprise Grant’s original scholarship recipients. She had planned to change the world, only life got in the way.

As an adopted orphan herself, she feels particularly responsible for her siblings, and gives up her dream, in order to care for them after the death of their mother. Years later and back in Colorado, Kinzey finally has something she must share with the elusive Rane Kirk.

Climbing the mountain to Kirk’s compound, Kinzey is more determined than ever to tell her story. And to learn the truth of his. She doesn’t know Kirk has never forgotten her and the moment she lands in his koi pond, their stars don’t realign; they collide.

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Lessons in Fly Fishing, Book Two

Determined to break the final ties to her hometown, Kasey Hunsaker returns to Bozeman to her high school reunion where former sweetheart, sometimes lover and best friend, Daniel Forrestal patiently waits for her return.

It had been a bad summer all around. Twenty years ago and pregnant with the child she eventually miscarried, Kasey left Dan to her best girlfriend—the woman who claimed Kasey’s interference ruined their own chances at happiness. And Dan? Well, his fledgling business would have been ruined if he had to support a child at such a young age.

Mom also thought it would be a good time to tell her one more secret, one that assured leaving Bozeman was the best thing possible.

In spite of the distance, their lives remain connected. Forrestal Fly Fishing is a large client of Kasey’s marketing firm. Kasey vows never to hurt Dan again, but she does just that when she tells Dan goodbye for the last time. Dan finds out what commitment is when Kasey is severely injured in an automobile accident as she leaves Bozeman. With Kasey recovering and finally in a corner, Dan learns the secrets, the burdens and the love she has carried and is determined to get his girl back, once and for all.

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Lessons in Horse Whispering, Book Three

Lessons in ..., Book Four

Three sisters find their way in life. Until the day they find out about each other. They've all found love. Now they want to find out what they've missed in not growing up together. Enjoy the final book in the Far From Home series as Kinzey, Kate and Kasey reunite in their birth town of Bozeman, Montana.


Shatire' Bumcon said...

I really love this series. Do you have plans to finish the final books?

E.M. Lloyd said...

Hi Shatire, Thank you so much for your lovely comment. Yes, Book Three is finished but I haven't started the edits yet. Book four, is only been outlined. But soon (and sorry for the delay in answering.) E.