Sunday, June 28, 2015

Wicked Affairs, Book Six: Wicked Siren Cover Reveal

Have I said this before? I love release day.

Wicked Siren, the story of Alex Preston and opera singer Viviana Love, is the sixth (can you believe it?) story in the Wicked Affairs series and will release on July 10th!

If you read Wicked Lord (#3) you probably saw the writing on the wall… Alex and Viv were destined to be together. They are true opposites – he a country gentleman and she a vivacious opera singer who thrives in London.

As a character, Viv was a fun one to write. She’s not like the other women of the Wicked Affairs series. She has scraped and fought for what she has but, seeing the twilight of her singing career, Viv must make some hard decisions.

For a Regency historical reference, the opera singer Angelica Catalani from Italy had an unrivaled career in the opera for seven years. Her singing range was nearly three octaves. While I didn’t write Viviana with the same sort of star power, she does have moments of fame.

And true hero that he is, Alex is the only man who can accept Viv as she is and recognize the torment that has haunted her past.

And you are the first to see the awesome new cover. What do you think? It is a great addition to the Wicked Affairs covers.

An unconventional woman. An inconvenient marriage. An unconditional love.

Famed diva Viviana Love will do what it takes to survive in London. Seduce titled men. Give up her child in order that he might have a better life. Hide her past so that she might have a future.

And when she makes the mistake of a lifetime a second time, she does the unthinkable and agrees to marry Baron Alexander Preston—the staid and proper country gentleman who believes life in the country is all a man needs.

Alex is confounded by the wild creature he is to escort to London. Miss Love is an indiscreet harridan who believes she can seduce him. And she succeeds royally. When she presents him with the opportunity for his heir, he does what no sane man would. He marries Viviana and finds his life turned upside down.

Alex has never felt more alive. Their nights are filled with passion, their days with conflict. When Viviana realizes she might lose her proper gentleman, the truth is the only thing that can save her.

All books in the series are stand alone but introduction of characters are best understood by reading the books in order.

Books One - Three are on sale at all the usual retail outlets.