Erotic Contemporary Romance Suspense, for adults.

Best Served Cold, Book One

If revenge is best served cold, why is Dr. Keefe Pearson burning up for the one man who can destroy her plans to get back at her worst enemy?

What should have been a very clear CIA assignment for cold-as-ice Evan Jahnning turns dangerous as his sexual attraction for Keefe heats up, placing her square in the sights of the world’s most ruthless power broker.

Keefe is determined to get Jahnning in her bed while he is sure that’s the one place he can learn all her secrets.

On Thin Ice, Book Two


Dr. Keefe Pearson knows what she wants. He’s hot, he’s sexy and he’s available anytime she wants sex and trouble. But what if she wants more?

When things heat up with the discovery of a rare Mayan urn, Evan Jahnning is tasked to retrieve it from the formidable Pearson Institute of Antiquities. A few dead bodies later and Evan is convinced he is doing the right thing—protecting Keefe and keeping the urn safe. Now if he can only prevent Keefe from finding out.

While Evan has Keefe hot and bothered between the sheets, she has her own plan to discover the truth of the urn—is it a treasure or does it portend the end of days? There is no convenient time for the truth but one thing is clear. Evan has to keep Keefe safe without committing the ultimate betrayal - and he has to keep her away from her former lover, Rafe Medeiros. Because she’s the one woman Evan can’t live without.

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Play It Cool, Book Three


"The writing in this book is excellent, and has some of the best dialogue I’ve ever read in a romance." Cara Bristol, author of Stranded with the Cyborg.

He is a thief and liar. He has spent his life breaking hearts and scamming the unsuspecting. Until he is caught up in a scheme that threatens his daughter, Rafe has never considered settling down. Rafe believes he is free until CIA strongman David Freeman forces him into a corner. Just as he finds love and lust with the peaceful beauty named Ingrid, his world comes crashing down. The woman he is falling for is the missing Rittenhauser heiress. Just the kind of woman he needs to avoid if he is to change his ways.

And just the kind of woman to despise him for his humble beginnings and illegal activities. One  last job for Freeman to earn his freedom. And maybe win Ingrid the old fashioned way...with sex and seduction.

Cool Under Fire, Book Four

Deep Freeze, Book Five

Ice Ice Baby, Book Six

Some Like It Cold, Book Seven

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