A historical romance series suitable for most audiences.

No one knows the origin of the curse and everyone believes Lord and Lady Weatherby are a little batty to continue holding the annual masked ball at the Weatherby Mansion. But that doesn't stop everyone in London from vying for an invitation to the most popular fete in the ton.

Book One: An Occasion To Sin:

#14 on Amazon in Victorian Romance (YAY! A list!)

A very good woman does a very bad thing.

On the night of the Weatherby Ball, a bad decision results in a passionate, anonymous encounter for Victoria Sloane. The ball has a reputation for being cursed. Had she stumbled into the trap? Within days, her secret rendezvous is exposed, her husband is dead and she is carrying the child of an unknown suitor.

Joseph Smythe-Wellesley has put the night of strange, illicit passion at the Weatherby Ball behind him. He would never see the lovely creature again—whoever she was.

But now he is left to clean up the messy affairs of the Earl of Doncaster.

The earl’s wife is difficult to understand and she is determined to protect the heritage of her unborn child. A child she claims is the next earl. Joseph has his doubts. He is also attracted to the strong willed and strangely vulnerable Victoria.

Some might say the death of her husband was a blessing not a curse, but that event is the least of her problems especially once she realizes she shares a secret with the honorable and determined solicitor.

Book Two: An Inadvisable Wager
Coming Late 2016

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