Rating: Erotic Historical Romance for Adults

Even though this is a series, the books can be read as stand alone.



September 2016 - Here is the new cover for the Second Edition of Wicked Desires

Michael Dunnaway has it all—a wife he loves, three sons, an earldom. Except he isn’t getting any younger—and his body lets him know in a way that makes him doubt his masculinity. His impotence with Clarissa drives him to seek out new thrills. He’s contemplating giving up everything for the satisfaction he finds with a nubile French whore, but with the pleasure comes guilt. Is betraying the love of his life worth temporary gratification and the restoration of his confidence?

Clarissa has entered a world of shocking passions and unheard of acts, welcoming Michael with open arms. Hidden behind a mask, and with the help of a whorehouse madam, she finds she’d do just about anything to win her husband back. But will it be enough? And will the deep cravings they explore as strangers reveal more devastating secrets? Or will they discover their dark passion and wicked desires can lead to a greater love?



Sept 2016 - Here is the new cover for the second edition of Wicked Temptation.

Randall VanLandingham married the first time for duty. This time he wants much more. Everyone knows his new wife has a past, but he’s the one man powerful enough to stay the gossip while enjoying the fruits of her scandalous reputation. Anne is everything he wants in a woman—insatiable and interesting—but he’s growing damn tired of fending off every man who lusts after his duchess. How does one protect the honor of a woman who has none? How does one win the love of a woman who has shared her love with many?

Pragmatic Anne Porter, a Welsh coal miner’s daughter, learned how to use her beauty and sexuality to lift herself from poverty, and her plan was working perfectly. Until she married the handsome and much younger Duke of Pelham…

Until she fell in love…



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September 2016: Here is the new cover for the second edition of Wicked Lord.

Helene Cosgrove’s only passion is her art, until she is betrothed to a respectable baron. Believing he will be the love of her life, she’s crushed when her father ends the engagement. Helene is approached by a second suitor, the wicked Lord Redding, Edward Chase. She is duty-bound to marry the scoundrel even though she despises him.

Redding happily snatches his rival’s betrothed and finds himself married to a woman of outstanding talents, utter radiance and innocent sexuality. Her haughty and summary rejection of him only spurs his desire to have her, and prove he’s as worthy of her love as her former swain. And what better way than to tutor her in his bed?

Helene is tempted by Redding in all the wrong ways. When he delivers her secret desires, she must reconcile her heart to the matter—deciding whether she loves Redding for who he is or for what he can do for her, in and out of the marriage bed.



Sept 2016 - Here is the new cover for the second edition of Wicked Secrets.

The Earl of Archer, Charles Standifer’s infatuation with his wife has turned into the cold reality of marriage misery. Vows are not so easily broken but when he gives into temptation all the secrets of the past threaten to destroy them and their marriage. He would give anything to have his wife, but she will have none of him.

The reserved and compassionate Alizabet, Lady Archer knows she will never please her husband in ways that matter to men yet she cannot deny the love she has for him in spite of the heartbreaking betrayal.

He has never doubted her affection for him, but that has done nothing to assuage his sexual need. When Charles discovers the revelation of Alizabet’s shocking past, can he be the man and husband she needs? Or will he forever be denied his rights to the alluring yet unattainable woman he calls wife?

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Sept 2016 - Here is the new cover for the second edition of Wicked Indiscretions!

David and Juliana Abernathy have what few ton marriages have - real love. That is, until the loss of their only child shatters their short-lived happiness, driving David into the arms of countless paramours and Juliana into the arms of a notorious Italian lothario.

When David realizes what he has lost, he arrives in Italy with one goal in mind and snatches his wife from the bed of her lover, intending to bring her home.

Could their situation be worse? Yes. Juliana is recovering from the miscarriage of her Italian lover’s bastard child.The miscarriage opened Juliana’s eyes to all that she has lost, but pride and anger make it difficult for either of them to admit what is in their hearts. They are no longer the innocent, loving fools of their first year of marriage and they demonstrate that each night they are alone together.

The road home isn’t easy. The price of their indiscretions is high.


Sept 2016 - Here is the updated cover for the second edition of Wicked Siren.

An unconventional woman. An inconvenient marriage. An unconditional love.
Famed diva Viviana Love will do what it takes to survive in London. Seduce titled men. Give up her child in order that he might have a better life. Hide her past so that she might have a future.

And when she makes the mistake of a lifetime a second time, she does the unthinkable and agrees to marry Baron Alexander Preston—the staid and proper gentleman who believes life in the country is all a man needs.

Alex is stymied by the wild creature he is to escort to London. Miss Love is an indiscreet harridan who believes she can seduce him. And she succeeds royally. When she presents him with the opportunity for his heir, he does what no sane man would. He marries Viviana and finds his life turned upside down.

Alex has never felt more alive. Their nights are filled with passion, their days with conflict. When Viviana realizes she might lose her proper gentleman, the truth is the only thing that can save her.


Anonymous said...

Wicked Lord is a fantaastic book. It's one of those I go back to and have read a number of times. Loved everything abou Lord Redding and Helene. Would love a book with similar couple.

Eliza Lloyd said...

Wow! Your comment was a fantastic way to start my day!! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. My editor is working on edits for Wicked Secrets, Book Four in this series - another married couple working for their happily ever after.

Anonymous said...

I've been meaning to check and see if there was going to be a 5th book, and I am so glad to see there is indeed.

I have to say that I loved Wicked Lord, and have re-read it several times. I think Redding and Helene might be one of my favorite couples. The chemistry between them on the page just grabbed me and really drew me in. It's one of those stories where I'd love to know what happened to them, but wouldn't want you to write a sequel if it meant bringing up any angst between them.

Looking forward to more from you!

Eliza Lloyd said...

Thank you, Anon! Readers must have a sixth sense about when an author needs a confidence boost. :) Book Sixth is just about finished. Since you liked Wicked Lord, you might be happy to learn that Viviana Love and Alex Preston had a most interesting carriage ride back to London after leaving Glen Arbor. They are hot together in bed but fire and ice out of it. You won't believe Viv's secret!!!

Anonymous said...

Hold it!!! Book six???? Woha. So that means book five is around the corner???? We need book five now!!!! Don't tease us with book six!!

Eliza Lloyd said...

LOL! Yes, it is around the corner. I am hoping by year end by my editor hasn't given me a date yet. Book Five's blurb is up. Book Six is about Alex Preston and Viviana Love, the couple you met in Wicked Lord. And untitled Book Seven is in the works!!!