Historical romance with steam, suitable for 17+

Join the Society for the Advancement of Science in the year 1822 as they explore the mysteries of the universe and get caught up in all things magical and unexplained. A little humor, a whole lot of scientific "exploration" and a magical dose of the unexplained.

Book One, The Timeless Earl

Lord Melvern's time travel disrupts his family line. His son arrives in Egypt to set things right, urging his father to return home in time to bed the lovely Millicent Hargrove. Only Lord Melvern has never been one to ignite passion in a female. How did one go about seducing the ton's most beautiful widow?

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Book Two, The All-Seeing Eye

Isadora Chapman's rare and powerful gift does nothing to help her win the man of her dreams, Gregory Beckwith, though it has helped her find a temporary place in his bed. As the Eye, she knows her responsibility is larger than the role of a traditional Regency woman. And she knows that Gregory's sense of duty has him thinking about marriage to another.

Book Three, The Trouble With Scots

Eadan MacMurrough can see the future—the one where he is alone and the one where he finally meets the woman who will be his wife. It has been a long ten years - but the troubling is a constant reminded she is waiting. On the carriage ride home from the meeting of The Society for the Advancement of Science, Eadan is plagued by the beginnings of a crippling vision.

At last he is to meet her.

She is a laughing beauty with auburn hair. Gelasia Cabot is the woman of his visions, only she is traveling with her fiance. What is a harmless kidnapping when one is assured the woman is the love of his life? 

Book Four, A Sleight of Hand

Coming Soon

Gelasia Cabot arrives to Dunbar Castle, at the urging of Isadora Beckwith only to find the laird, Eadan MacMurrough is dying. Gellie has hidden her gift all her life. Can she use it to save the Scot? And can she believe his visions about her are true?

When Eadan awakens from his fifty year vision, he is distraught to find his life with Gellie was a lie. And worse, his body is severely weakened. He doesn't recognize the man he's become but he does recognize her.


Anonymous said...

Hi Eliza
Where can I buy the all seeing eye?

Eliza Lloyd said...

Hi, the book is being formatted this very moment. I expect that it will be up at Amazon, BN and Smashwords around the 17th of June. Thank you so much for asking.