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Welcome to Victorian England. The world is changing. London's streets are teeming with orphans, thieves and whores. Spirited Imogene Farrell won't let fate get in her way.

Book One, Imogene
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Imogene Farrell and her brothers, orphans and scamps, spend their days trying to stay alive. Imogene, dressed as a boy, has blossomed into a woman causing the Farrells a multitude of problems. She knows she will eventually end up a whore but the Farrells delay the inevitable by concocting their own schemes to make money off her particular skills. The local madam Tiny Etherton and the local tough in charge of the area around Twenty Acres dock, the Scot, have both taken an interest in Imogene. But it's a gentleman of the ton who has Imogene's attention. Jack Davenport finds the boyish hoyden a bit of fun and Imogene is willing to play along. Jack is the least of her problems when her simple world comes crashing down, scattering the Farrells and setting Imogene on the road to heartbreak.

Book Two, Jack's Hellion

Imogene is determined to start a new life after Tiny Etherton attempts a second kidnapping, Jack comes to Imogene’s rescue, promising to help her brother Frank in exchange for her services as a mistress. Until Jack gets married.

Imogene has loved Jack from the beginning but knows her feelings are not returned. Imogene finds out the two people closest to Jack are bent on betrayal and Imogene pays the price on the day of Jack’s wedding when Jack's friend Shiffington rapes her. She leaves London to start a new life and finds satisfaction and safety in Paris where she can raise her daughter without answering the question of her child’s paternity.

Book Three, The Frenchman's Widow

Imogene Farrell LeClerc has returned to England ready to start a new life for her and her daughter after her beloved Pierre has died. The aged merchant was a kind husband but he was not the love of her life. Jack is still married to the duplicitous Catherine so Imogene pretends indifference even though she is devastated at seeing him again. Imogene’s brother is graduating from seminary and she is determined to build a life in Brighton with her new charges and an orphan family she’s taken in.

Book Four, Lady Prescott's Confidential Matter

Imogene has accepted Jack’s proposal of marriage but secrets hound her. Is Jack the father of her daughter Lily or is it the scoundrel Shiffington, who raped her before she left London five years ago? And now that she is settled, will Shiffington’s mysterious death threaten her, Jack and their happiness?

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