Erotic historical romance for adults...
(This series is complete)

See the new covers on the second edition of the Mad Duchesses series, December 2016.

Mad Duchesses. Love to the point of madness.

What is a widowed Duchess to do? Join London's most beautiful widows as they search for emotional and sexual fulfillment. Their choices aren't always the most suitable by London standards but they are everything these widows need.

Book One, One Last Night

#1 on KOBO in Historical Erotica

Widow Lucinda has never known true sexual fulfillment. She knows that her future includes raising the next Duke of Wallingford. She has one last night to find what she is looking for before she devotes herself to her duty and her son.

John, the man who has loved her for eight years, has other ideas.

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Book Two, From Now On
Widow Grace pines for her first love but she's been scarred by a tragic, mean-spirited act by her dead husband. When Sebastian arrives in distant Cornwall, can they rekindle the past or will he reject her now that she is no longer the ton beauty?

Book Three, Age of Innocence

The Honorable Ferdinand Ford is horrified to find out his family has made a match for him with the twice-widowed Duchess of Burnham. Ferd is the consummate man about town except he has a secret – he has very little experience with women and has taken great pains to avoid them. Experienced Lettie is all that he fears.

Lettie is thrilled to finally have a fit, younger husband. Is she a little mad to pin all her hopes for happiness in a man who doesn’t want her for a wife? If only she could get him into her bed, she might be able to convince him she is a wife worth having.

Book Four, The Day After

Dashiel Hamilton has loved Laura since the day they met but he wasn’t the man she chose.

Laura has always considered Hamilton a dear friend until the day he became her lover. He is everything she needs in the moment, providing her with long denied compassion and sexual fulfillment.

She can’t admit to romantic feelings, not the day after. It was one glorious night; the dawn reminds her of duty.

No good wife succumbs to her husband’s best friend. Not the day after her husband's death.

Laura can’t admit to romantic feelings but she can admit she wants more.

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This series is complete. No further novels/novellas are planned.

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