Erotic Historical Romance for adults:

Book One: Another Lover

Isabelle St. Hillaire, the famed Westminster Whore, selects her last lover, Dorian Montgomery. Her only rule...don't fall in love.

A new cover for the re-published novella. Coming soon.

Book Two: The Darkness in the Marquess of Dane

#2 in Amazon Victorian Erotica
#1 in KOBO Historical Erotica

one of best I read this year! FAB. RUN TO BUY this MAD MARQUESS Totally 5 star+

Christina Turnbow sells the only thing she has of value to the dark Marquess of Dane.

Book Three: A Mistress To Remember

Baroness Katrina Klee isn’t looking for a man, but one comes looking for her. The recently widowed Earl of Compton has always admired Katrina’s beauty and proposes a liaison she finds hard to turn down. But it must be a quiet affair, as she has three very important reasons to be discreet.
They weren’t looking for love. They were looking for a lifetime.

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