Saturday, April 27, 2013

David Gandy - Memes Don't Lie

Some of the Gandy memes are hilarious and so, so true. I've collected a few for your entertainment.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A New Adventure in Publishing

I've been working on a new publishing project the past few weeks and finished it up last night. I have self-published my first short work titled The Timeless Earl.

You know me, I can't get away from historicals but this novel is a bit different. While it is Regency in essence, it also crosses genres, incorporating a little steam-punk/time travel for flavor. I think it is a bit more humorous than the historicals I generally write but includes the usual sexiness.

Lord Melvern is the first nerd I've written, but the heroine,  Millicent, is more than able to lead him in the right direction.

So where am I going with this? It is all part of a series titled Body of Knowledge. The stories will incorporate a group of scientists and intellectuals and inventors who are well ahead of their time.

Next up? The All-Seeing Eye. Isadora Chapman has the ability to read thoughts, including those of the man she loves. The man who doesn't know she exists.

The Timeless Earl is available at Amazon, Barnes/Noble and Smashwords.

Monday, April 22, 2013

My Writer Friends: Restrained and Willing by Tiffany Bryan

I just got off the phone with one of my Ellora’s Cave pals, Tiffany Bryan.

After we caught up, we got to talking about her new book, Restrained and Willing. Please note that WILLING is in all CAPS AND BIG BOLD RED LETTERS.

You don’t want to miss this one.

Here’s the blurb:

Heather has met every personal goal she’s ever set. Except one. To make all the sizzling erotic fantasies she penned in her diary a reality. And the only man who can make that happen is the handsome, dominant hunk featured in every one of those thong-soaking scenarios. The only thing standing in her way is Pierce himself and his convoluted views on commitment.
Pierce loves women, but he’s never been in love. Everything changes when he finds and reads Heather’s diary. Page after page of raw, hot disciplinary sex between the two of them starts his lust raging. She’s the one person he shouldn’t want, but he soon discovers she’s the one he needs.

And here’s the buy link:

Friday, April 12, 2013

A Good Cry

I cry. I like crying. I especially like the crying that comes from happiness.

I get teary when I see videos of dogs going bonkers when their soldier owners come home from the war.

I get teary when Ty Pennington moves the bus and the family opens their front door.

I get teary when I see little kids talking about the 9-1-1 call that saved their sisters’ lives. Or parents. Or dogs.

Yep, I like crying. I also like the crying that comes from reading a good book. I love it when the heroine writes a letter to the hero telling him why she has to go. I love it when the hero sheds one tear in his lonely bed because he knows he screwed up. I love it when Gilbert Blythe is on his deathbed and Anne is reading him the dedication from her book, Avonlea Vignettes. And what does Gilbert respond?

Gilbert Blythe: Anne, There's not going to be any wedding anymore.
Anne Shirley: You're gonna get well, Gil. I know you are.
Gilbert Blythe: I called it off. It wouldn't be fair to Christine. There would never be anyone for me but you.

Sob! Wail!

Crying over romance novels might be my favorite crying of all. I love the happily ever after but it is all the sweeter to see the H/H overcome hardship and misunderstanding and hurt and failure – because then we know love conquers all. And crying makes it all better until then.

Crying is wonderful. Except when I watch Old Yeller. Then crying sucks.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Bucket Lists and Writing Goals

I was just staring at my keyboard when a question popped into my head. What would I like to be doing right now if there were no obstacles to the doing? You know, like money, time, family intrusions, job…

I’ll answer that later.

But it did remind me of another time when I asked the same question. It was several years ago when I asked myself, “Why aren’t you writing?” I was home alone (my husband was traveling,) and the stir of feelings about writing the great American romance swept over me again.

It had always been my wish to be a romance writer. I blame Kathleen Woodiwiss. She wrote the most stirring romantic epics. I know some readers think she is overblown and prosy but something about her writing spoke to me. Every time I cracked open Ashes in the Wind, I could see Cole Latimer with his Hardee hat and long sideburns. And of course, the street urchin coming off the steamboat that we would learn was our heroine.

I read Ashes in the Wind and the Wolf and the Dove at least once a year. I would love to write like her. Or Mary Balogh. Or Eloisa James. Or Loretta Chase. Wow, am I off subject.
So it really came down to having a dream and then having the will to go forward.

The first year, I started my own story with a dashing sea captain and the former whore he had purchased at a slave market. Sadly, that book will never see a publisher’s emblem. But my goal wasn’t to actually get the story published. My only goal, and I repeated it to myself nearly every day for a year, FINISH THE BOOK.

No matter what it took, I knew I had to get through it. I had to write THE END.

So it took me a full year and 112,000 words, but I got it done. At the time, there wasn’t a better feeling. It was the feeling of accomplishment. Since then, there have been better feelings – contracts, book covers and release days.

Oh and by the way, today is release day for One Last Night – go check it out at Ellora’s Cave.

So my point is, if you want to write you have to write. Just like if you want to win Powerball, you have to play. Writing one chapter won’t cut it. Writing one book probably won’t cut it either. I have started sixty-six stories and of those, I’ve only finished nineteen and they aren't all published yet.

Some people say they have to write or they would die. If I didn’t write, I would find something else to do. But I must admit, there is nothing more satisfying then penning a tale, exciting readers and knowing that I finished what I started. Oh, and the sweet feeling of knowing that IT IS GOOD.

So why am I asking the same question today? I just marked a big thing off my bucket list last weekend. I now have to add something to it. So what should it be?

One Last Night purchase link: