Saturday, April 9, 2011

My Writer Friends: Cindy Jacks. LOVE GAMEs anyone?

Oh, I just loveeeeee married couple stories.  Check out Love Game!

Here's the sexy blurb:
Battling housework, Sandi wonders if the spark in her marriage has disappeared. When her husband interrupts their hot-shower lovin’ to take a call from work, she’s positive the magic is gone.

In an attempt to spice things up, she gets a makeover and sets a date with her hubby for a night of passion and romance. There’s only one problem—Roberto doesn’t show. But all is not lost. Alejandro, a silver-tongued Latin loverboy wrapped in an expensive suit, volunteers to keep her company for the evening. He says all the right—and deliciously wrong—things, leaving Sandi no choice but to see him again…and again and again.

One by one, Alejandro strips away her inhibitions, pushing her to act out her darkest fantasies, desires so privateshe’s never mentioned them to anyone, not even her husband. Blindfolds, bondage with silk ropes, sex on the roof—nothing is off limits. But everything is not as it seems. The game’s afoot—a love game—rekindling the scorching-hot passion in Sandi and Roberto’s marriage.

Here's where you can buy Love Game:

Here's the sexy blurb:

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

RELEASE DAY! Another Lover available at Ellora's Cave.

Pickup an ebook for YOUR mom on Mother's Day.  I'll bet she'd enjoy the sexcapades of Dorian and Isabelle as they fight for relationship dominance. Don't worry...they each win. :):)

I'm so happy that ANOTHER LOVER is now available.  I don't want to give anything away but the ending, specifically the last two lines, were the first thing that came to me and the whole story just laid out so beautifully after that.  Even the title gave me chills.  My editor, Jillian Bell, went to bat for me since it was similar to another EC release, but she got it done!!


Here's the buy link. Go ahead and click. You know wanna!

Here's the cover in case you haven't seen it.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

My Writer Friends: Lily Harlem. A heroine in distress: Matress Music

Here's the Blurb:
Is it possible to lose one's ability or orgasm? Nina has. Lately, her fun weekend hook-ups have been more "ho-hum" than "hot damn"! It doesn't help that she has three flatmates and is forced to play loud music to mask the sounds of her lovemaking. Talk about distracting! Of course, there's another reason Nina's less than satisfied these days...she's just having a hard time admitting it.
Its a good thing she's met Ian, then. Not content to be a weekend hook-up, Ian is set on giving Nina what she's been missing while making her admit what she needs. His talented fingers - and other body parts - are up to the task. But Ian's not admitting a few things himself. Turns out his fingers can do more than make Nina's body sing. When she discovers his secret, it's time for both of them to face the music.
Here's the buy link:
Triple the fun with the companion books in the series:
And a cover:

Saturday, April 2, 2011

My Writer Friends: Juniper Bell. Wanna GO WILD?

My keyboard nearly burst into flames when I pasted in the blurb for Juniper Bell's new release, GO WILD!

Here's the blurb:

Lars loves Katia. Katia loves Lars. Lars wants to marry Katia. Can he convince his free-spirited lover that marriage will be as fun as her sexually adventurous single days?

Never before has Katia been tempted to give up her carefree ways. She’s deeply in love with Lars, but she doesn’t know if he can handle her wild side—or wilder needs. But Lars is a hard man to resist. The former Olympic champion won’t give up, not when he knows just how to please her.

The people of Wild, Alaska, know the best way to survive winter is to let off a little steam. When his buddies hit town for Wild Nights, a notorious winter festival with one rule—“anything goes, nothing counts”—Lars has the perfect opportunity to prove he’s the man for Katia.

Lucky for Katia, “proof” includes four rugged Alaska men and one wildly erotic night.

Reader Advisory: Features an extended ménage (M/F/M/M/M) and references to bondage experimentation and sexual escapades of all types. Woohoo!

Here's where you can buy:

And here's the cover: