Friday, June 30, 2017

New Releases

Hi everybody! Once again I have been slacking on blog posts, but I do have good news for you. I've been very busy on the writing front. 2016 was a downer year what with all the goings on at my last publisher. I've got all my books back and republished, except for my Romantic Suspense series at Amazon.

So what's going on:

A Sleight of Hand is out and available at all retailers. This is Book 3.2 of The Body of Knowledge series. It is a novella and the second part of Eadan MacMurrough's love story. In the novella, The Trouble With Scots, we learned that Eadan's visions of Gellie Cabot have propelled him into a dream world where he lives in a place between death and life.

For all anyone knows, Gellie doesn't really exist.

Except Gellie Cabot was there that night. She was at the inn where Eadan was first stricken.

In A Sleight of Hand, Gellie is summoned to Dunbar Castle to use her gift to heal the dying earl. She's afraid of her gift because she cannot control it and she knows she might kill him.

Next will be A Mistress To Remember, Book Three in the Birds of Paradise series. I love this one, not only because of the beautiful Russian heroine, trying to establish herself and her sons within the ton, but also because she is a curious and warm lover to the Earl of Compton, a newly widowed man searching for comfort. The wicked Marquess of Dane is back for a couple of scenes. He is married to the earl's sister, Christina. I think you are going to like this one.

This cover is another one by Dar Albert. I absolutely love it. She just catches my vision when I describe the cover I want. And then does it ten times better.

It is currently in edits, so it should be a month or so until release day.

And I'm wrapping up A Wife Is Forever. I'm not sure this is the title I'm going with. This is Book Three in the Infamous Forresters. This plot is interesting. No spoilers yet.