Thursday, March 8, 2012

Tales of the French Revolution

A book from 1823, Bloody Buoy, talks of the "multitude of acts of HORRID BARBARITY, such as the eye never witnessed, the tongue never expressed or the imagination conceived, until the Commencement of The French Revolution."

Here is one short story: "In the same town, and on the same day, the ax was suspended on over the head of Mr. Teron, when the revolutionist bethought them that he had a son. This son was about ten years of age and in order to enjoy the father's torments and the child's tears both a a time, he was brought to the place of execution. His tears and cries gave a relish to the ferocious banquet. After tiring themselves with the spectacle, they put the father to death before the eyes of the child, whom they besmeared with his blood."

And another: "Two women, who had persisted in asking the life of their husbands, were tied, during six hours, to the posts of the guillotine. Their own husbands were executed before their eyes, and their blood sprinkled over them."

I had never considered writing a story set in this time period until recently, when I had the idea of a three-generation series, starting during the revolution.

Vive la France.

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