Sunday, April 29, 2012

Things to do before Doomsday

I thought New Year's resolutions would be a waste of time this year, since a resolution implies that I'll make a firm decision to do something. And well, we all know I won't.  Decision-making is for wimps anyway.

We only have until December 21st to get all of those things done that must get done so it's time to prioritize. Therefore I contemplate the following:

1. Eat more chocolate. There is no reason not to have a strong heart come doomsday.

2. Exercise less. I still have several series to complete on Netflix and exercise would take away from that time.

3. Have lunch with David Gandy. After this momentous event, I might not mind dying anyway. Bring it on, Mayans.

4. Read all of Charles Dickens' works. All of it. As long as I can still watch Netflix.

5. Use the balance of my sick time at EDJ. I have approximately 107 days built up, which if I calculate correctly, means my last day of work will be June 6th. More time for Netflix and Charles Dickens.

6. Finish writing my great American novel. When I'm done I'm going to feel so good because it will never need to be edited! I plan to finish the day before Doomsday so I can twitter about it before the world ends.

7. Sky dive. I will do this right after I finish the novel because if I my 'chute doesn't open, there was only one more day to live anyhow.

8. Finish War and Peace.

9. Reach 5,000 followers on Facebook (or Twitter.) You can help now BTW.

10. Tell everyone I know that I love them. I love you, guys!

And speaking of gods. Doomsday requires plenty of David.

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