Wednesday, November 21, 2012

More from David Gandy

Sorry I've been slacking on David Gandy info. That doesn't mean I've forgotten him.

Just a reminder that you can follow him at where he blogs. Usually every three weeks or so you can find him posting interesting tidbits about fashion, travel, cars and his life.

He also has an active presence on Facebook. You can LIKE his page at DAVID JAMES GANDY. There, he posts tons of pictures, especially recent and past photo shoots and he will often comment or answer questions. He hasn't commented on anything I've said, but I'll keep trying. Here's that link:!/OfficialDavidGandy?fref=ts

And I'll leave you with a photo I recently saw, which I believe was from 2007. Don't know which campaign.

Aside from his god-like looks, I do find David to be interesting, self-depreciating and humorous.  But mostly, he's just an awesome man package!

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