Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A New Adventure in Publishing

I've been working on a new publishing project the past few weeks and finished it up last night. I have self-published my first short work titled The Timeless Earl.

You know me, I can't get away from historicals but this novel is a bit different. While it is Regency in essence, it also crosses genres, incorporating a little steam-punk/time travel for flavor. I think it is a bit more humorous than the historicals I generally write but includes the usual sexiness.

Lord Melvern is the first nerd I've written, but the heroine,  Millicent, is more than able to lead him in the right direction.

So where am I going with this? It is all part of a series titled Body of Knowledge. The stories will incorporate a group of scientists and intellectuals and inventors who are well ahead of their time.

Next up? The All-Seeing Eye. Isadora Chapman has the ability to read thoughts, including those of the man she loves. The man who doesn't know she exists.

The Timeless Earl is available at Amazon, Barnes/Noble and Smashwords.

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