Friday, September 6, 2013

It's release day! Wicked Secrets... Available Now!

For a writer, there are few days as wonderful as RELEASE DAY! On this day, a novel we've slaved over many months is finally born. Yes, we are psyched to get a contract. We adore getting the cover - the first visual representation of our hero and heroine. We say we dread edits but we don't really. It's just a stepping stone closer to the grand finale.

Our stomach quivers when our editor gives us a release date. Is the book as good as I dream? Is it as bad as I fear? Should I have included more back story? Is my hero too much of a jerk?

Will this be my lightning in a jar? Will it catch fire?

Who's to know... I do know that when I deliver a novel to my editor, most of the time I tell her this is my favorite novel so far.

So why is Wicked Secrets my favorite so far? Well, the start of this novel paints my hero in a very bad light so it was a challenge to redeem him. I hope you'll forgive both of us for our bad choices.

I also loved the very sweet heroine who has overcome so much but still finds a well of forgiveness and happiness that is believable and beautiful.The sex is different in this story too. It is a progression of ugly and uncomfortable giving way to unsteady yet trusting. And finally, fulfillment and understanding for both.

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