Monday, November 18, 2013

The Sexy Past. Jess Michaels talks erotic historicals.

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The Sexy Past
Jess Michaels

Thanks so much to Eliza for having me here today! If you don’t know me, I’m Jess Michaels and like Eliza, I write erotic historical romances. Mine are set mostly in the Regency period, but I tend to write heroines who are a little… unusual. I like women who have a bit of experience and I often write heroines who are widows or courtesans.

Since you are here, I bet you already like erotic historicals (yay you!!) but I sometimes get asked by readers who aren’t fans of the genre yet how the early 19th century could possibly be sexy. I think people have the misconception of history being stuffy and the people being so very far removed from what we are today.

But I don’t think that’s true. First off, people are people. We want a lot of the same things today that we’ve always wanted. We want to be healthy, we want to be happy, we want our families to be safe, we want to be loved. This is true of someone from 1613 or 2013. Now how healthy, happy, safe and loved LOOKS might be very different between 1613 and 2013, but the desire is the same.

Secondly, sex has existed from the beginning of time or else there would be no current time. And the way sex feels, the fact that it’s… well, FUN… is a matter of biology that has also existed in humans from the beginning. So did people in the 19th century like sex? Yup, I will guarantee you that a lot of them did. Probably about the same percentage that like it now.

Now would my 19th century heroine make out with her 19th century hero in the middle of the street? Probably not. It wouldn’t be considered appropriate for the time. But would she make out with him in a safe environment (like alone) or someplace where it was expected (like a scandalous club)… yes! So in a historical, the trick is taking those very human desires and finding ways to have the hero and heroine act on them… and not get caught.

Or get caught and see what happens in that story. Because I’ve written that story and scandal can be fun too.

What do you find sexy about historical romances, especially erotic ones? 

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Anonymous said...

I absolutely think historical romances are sexy! More sexy sometimes than modern ones, in fact. In an era when people are so overt about their sexuality, very little is left to the imagination. I think there is definitely something to be said for a little mystery. One of the most exciting things about historical romances to me is that they often feature virgins, and I think it's beautiful to see someone's eyes opened to the wonders and pleasures of passion and sex. But of course, the best part is watching that passion blossom into love, which is what we all really want after all.

I'm also a huge fan of the clothes from that period (anything involving corsets is awesome in my book)!

Eliza Lloyd said...

Yes, JSMO79, corsets rock! While I love a good virgin story, I'm also totally into the women with experience stories. Yummy! E.