Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Goodreads Giveaway and RELEASE DAY!

Congratulations to Sarah H of Knoxville, TN for winning print copies of Wicked Desires, Wicked Temptation and Wicked Lord (the first three books in the Wicked Affairs series.) Wow, nearly 600 entries. Thanks for all those readers who entered.

And in even bigger news: It's Release Day! From Now On, Book Two in the Mad Duchesses series hits the shelf today. Of course, you can always buy my books at Ellora's Cave (and btw, I get better royalties there so thank you for purchasing direct,) and the Kindle version is already up at Amazon. B&N usually takes several days longer but it will be up eventually.

I hope this doesn't sound douch-ey, but on release day, I like to reread the final version of the book. As an author works through edits, the manuscript is always full of redlines and comments, so it is a thrill to see a clean novel, ready for the reading masses. I told someone this morning (Cathie - one of my WWF buds) that this novel is beautiful sexy. I hope when you read it, you'll know what I'm talking about.

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