Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Crazy Things I Researched Today

In the category of completely useless information, I present: Crazy Things I Researched Today.

What wine to serve with liver. As a side, found a recipe for cooking liver with two orange slices and stout Irish ale. I may try it, as I love good liver. Have you ever had foie gras?

The best legal/law book of the 1800’s. Blackstone’s Commentaries of the Law of England.

A London club (not the usual White’s or Boodles.) The Alfred Club, known as the “dullest club in existence”. Bingo!

Regalia. I was misusing this word. I didn’t realize it was so closely related to royalty. I think I was confusing the word with regale. Yes. Yes, I was.

English country dance music/Best dance music from the Regency period. Found a lovely group, which I will share later after I get their CD, who perform traditional music such as the Roger Decoverly but I am loving their performance of the Sussex Waltz with the violin in the background. It’s on YouTube. Check it.

Regency men’s jackets. I’ve been to the Gentleman’s Emporium website before but dwam! I love the awesome looking jackets with their cut and tails and collars. I think of James Purefoy and Colin Firth.

English coffeehouses. Was disappointed to learn coffeehouses had mostly disappeared at the end of the 18th century.

Do I underline book titles? Yes. Or quotes. Depending on the style manual used. I don’t know why I have to look this up every time.

Unnamed author on Amazon. Again, surprised by the sheer numbers of authors I have never heard of who are best sellers. How is this possible? I read a ton.

Dean Winters. Okay so I was watching Law and Order: SVU and Dean Winters was on in those early seasons (and the last seasons) as Det. Brian Cassidy. I really like him. I think in the world of fake boyfriends, he is the closest to what I would really feel comfortable with. I may blow about David Gandy being all that but, let’s face it, there are few women in his league and I ain’t one of them. Oh and Dean is too adorable as Mayhem.

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