Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Release Day: The Frenchman's Widow

It's the new year and I forgot to make a list of resolutions. So let me make one now: I resolve to continue writing novels.

And... Here is the next one.

The Frenchman's Widow is book three in the Imogene Farrell series. I love this girl. She's a true changeling, masquerading as a boy and trying to stay alive in Victorian London. When her brothers are on the run from the law, she hides with Mary Fitzpatrick, an old friend of her deceased mother.

There, Imogene learns some of the ways of lady and what she doesn't know, she can mimic. Her old foes are still looking for her and when she is at her most desperate, Jack Davenport, sweeps into her life to rescue her. In exchange, she agrees to be his mistress.

It is no hardship for Imogene. She has loved him for the first moment they met.

But when Jack marries, he and Imogene separate. Imogene can't be the other woman in Jack's life and she can't trust the man Jack calls his friend - Geoffrey Shiffington. Without her brothers, Imogene isn't safe in London so escapes to Paris where fortune is more kind.

The Frenchman's Widow picks up five years later, when Imogene returns to London to attend her brother Charlie's graduation from King's College seminary. Unbeknown to her, Jack has helped Charlie with his education and his acceptance at King's. Jack also provided a suitable job for Danny at one his farms in Deal.

Jack really has been a god-send to the Farrells. Only Jack is still married. Time hasn't dulled Imogene's feelings for him. Accepting that Jack will never be hers, she sets about building a life for herself, her family and the tide of children who find their way to Imogene's door.

I should mention Dar Albert - she designed these series covers for me. And I JUST LOVE THIS ONE. It is so Imogene - showing her determination.

I hope you enjoy this novel. The final book, Lady Prescott's Confidential Matter, will be out next month, which you can pre-order now.

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