Friday, December 15, 2017

The holidays are upon us.

Merry Christmas!

Only ten days until Christmas! How does this happen? Every year, I ask the same question. Do you?

I wish a very happy Christmas and prosperous 2018 for all of my readers and friends. For those of you who have purchased my books and left reviews - THANK YOU, THANK YOU. Those reviews are the thing that keep my books selling, which keeps me writing.

Downside this year... I didn't get Book Seven in the Wicked Affairs finished. I am well into the story but my day job has kept me very busy. Only so many words come out while sitting in airport waiting areas and uncomfortable hotel rooms. But there will be a release date during 2018!

Upside... LOTS of stories in the works. It's happened this way many times. I'll be working on five stories, one captures all my attention, then all of the sudden the others are at 60,000 word count and only take a couple of weeks to finish up. I'm hoping 2018 will be like that. SEVERAL RELEASES.

Stories that are nearing publication are listed on my COMING SOON page. Which of them sounds most interesting to you? Anything you are particularly looking forward too or wish I would get finished, like YESTERDAY? :)

I'm most excited about a new Paranormal series I've started. The words are flowing and the primary protagonist is bigger than life. My heroine? She knows her responsibility even if it means losing her family - all because of a man she doesn't really know and who doesn't want her to interfere in his life. He may not accept it, but she is all he has.

Again, all the best over the holidays! E.

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