Monday, May 18, 2020

New Cover Release - Pinnacle

Coronavirus has given me something I haven't had for a while: Abundant Writing Time!

The first book in the two-part "Charbonneau Twins" stories is about thirty-days from edit completion. I'm having two rounds down because it is so long - a little over 85,000 words. Just a reminder it is a contemporary romance. The first story is Peak - about superstar model Paul Charbonneau finishing up his runway career (don't worry, he'll still be doing magazine covers and men's clothing lines!). The cover for peak was published on my last post.

BUT, here is the book cover for the second in the series - Pinnacle. Financier David Charbonneau is at the crossroads of life. His ex drops off his twin daughters, he's just lost millions for his firm and is starting a new job that has turned into an albatross. And he's lost his closest friend, his administrative assistant and financial whiz who rivals his own abilities. But Veronica has her own ambitions and it isn't to work forever in the staid world of finance.

Vero has loved him for a very long time but with her own success within reach and at the cusp of realizing her dream, she must steel herself against David's charms pulling her back into his world. He has come to the painful realization that Veronica has been more than a friend all along. But now, for the first time in his charmed life, he can't interfere. He can't tell her that he loves her for fear he'd be the person to get in her way. And he can never do that to Veronica, not when she is so close.

Coming soon.

Coming in July!

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