Monday, May 2, 2011

The Dream of Writing

This month it will be a year since I got my first book contract with Ellora's Cave. Now, three manuscripts have been published under the Legend line, all in my favorite writing style - historical.

It is good.

The dream of writing was really a misplaced phrase. It should have been the dream of having my written work published. I have written for years, each finished novel only made my writing better, IMHO. But that didn't satisfy me the way getting a work published did.  It wasn't enough that I thought my story was worth reading. I had to know that someone else would also like my story. That the words were good enough to appear behind a beautiful cover and a copyright.

So now my goal is to find more readers, more people who enjoy what I've written. Yes, my dream has changed again. My new dream: to grow an audience and to gain more success as a published author. I think I can do it and it is wonderful to have a successful publisher and great editor behind me on this journey.

Thank you Jillian Bell and Ellora's Cave.

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