This just sounds sinfully hot....One Weekend Only.

Here's the blurb:
Tasha Wyatt has a great life—a gorgeous, sexy husband, two wonderful children and a spacious home in the suburbs. Every summer, she and her husband, Alec, travel north to Quinn Bigelow’s lake home for a long weekend. And every year it becomes more arduous, because Quinn represents a missed opportunity to Tasha. Quinn and Alec were best friends and college roommates when she started dating Alec. Although she fell hard for Alec and loves him madly, she’s never gotten over her lustful yearning for Quinn.
Quinn has always flirted with her, but this year he makes his intentions crystal clear. He wants her naked and in his bed. As Tasha’s resolve weakens, she soon discovers that Alec and Quinn have made a deal for the vacation, and she is the bargaining chip.

Reader’s Advisory: Not everyone ends up in bed with their spouse; or with just one partner.

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