Monday, June 27, 2011

Dark Vampire Novels

It came to me recently that there aren't many dark vampire romance novels out there (or maybe I'm just missing them in my rush to the historical aisle.) I'm not saying I'm the one to write such a story, but I am giving it a shot. It's a writerly stretch for me - as most of you know I write primarily historical. I have been kicking around an idea for about a year and the first real plot and characters came vividly alive about two weeks ago. Love when that happens.

The idea I have is a series, but I am seeing this as a bunch of shorts - 20,000 to 40,000 words. I want them to be dark and intense and very sexual (you're probably not surprised by that, are you?) The men are going to be classy with the very real potential of being bad, true to their vampire heritage. They will still be out for the blood of the heroine and will be willing to turn her if it means keeping her. Yes, bad boys. And perfectly willing to live with the consequences.

I hope my first one will be done in a couple of weeks, then it is prayers and fingers-crossed while my editor decides if it is worthy for my publisher.

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