Wednesday, January 23, 2013

One Last Night: A Blurb

As requested by Janemary, a short tease of a blurb from One Last Night:

The Duchess of Wallingford waited a year and a day before she threw off her widow’s weeds, dressed in a simple gray muslin gown with a humble neckline and arranged for an unmarked carriage, which would take her to Madame Dupuis’ whorehouse.

She was going for the oldest reason of all.

Preparations for such an affair were more difficult than she had imagined because one didn’t ask gossipy friends how to arrange such a liaison—one asked the discreet, worldly friends but in such a way as to imply shocked curiosity rather than an unwavering fascination and a determination to partake.

When Madame Dupuis had inquired as to the type of man Lucinda would like to engage, the Abbess had mistakenly believed she wished to entertain certain passions with a man similar to her departed husband. While the Duchess of Wallingford was married, she had been the envy of her friends, a perfect example of how to marry properly.

Wallingford was handsome, charming and wealthy with only six years between them, but none of that mattered or changed the fact he was beyond cruel and believed that the one person in this life to whom he should have been devoted was the last person for whom he held any regard. She did not want a man with golden-blond hair or piercing blue eyes. She did not want superficial appeal.

She’d requested a man—any man—who had brown hair and soft brown eyes, though she could not risk a liaison with a noble. Other than that, his station did not matter, only that he was clean and would treat her with tender regard in the bedchamber for this one night—a guarantee considering Madame Dupuis’ reputation for sensual entertainment. And for what the Duchess was paying…

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