Wednesday, March 13, 2013

One of my favorite things: David Gandy

Yes, it’s true. I’m close to being the world’s worst blogger. Not only can I not think of topics on a regular basis, I’m also routinely distracted by Sam and Dean and Dexter and Raylan Givens and Seeley Booth and David Gandy.

And speaking of David Gandy, have you stopped by Ebay to see the auction items for Blue Steal Appeal?  Just type in David's name and several items show up. If you are like me, anything with David would be fun. How about a fashion shoot - A WHOLE DAY - and a meet and greet with David? Check the link below:

You can also read all about Blue Steel Appeal's auction items at British Vogue:

And support Blue Steel Appeal by tweeting: #SupportBSA

And in personal news, I have release day info. Check back in a few days for the latest.

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