Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Release Day: Lessons in Mountain Climbing

Far From Home, a new contemporary romance series.

I'm really excited that today the first book in my new series is being released. Lessons in Mountain Climbing is the story of Rane Kirk, recluse billionaire. He had his fill of paparazzi early in his life and has chosen a private life in the mountains of Colorado.

I love my heroine Kinzey Vance. She's all about family, even though she was adopted as a baby. She is the eldest of four siblings and they have helped her accomplish a dream made possible by seed money from Rane Kirk's grant program. Only it is years too late for her to make Rane believe she actually accomplished such great things, not when Kirk is impossible to reach.

When she arrives at his mountain home, it isn't Kirk who sparks her interest, but the gardener Bill O'Toole. Now it is Bill who is determined to keep her from Rane Kirk and the larger than life persona of Kirk that is keeping them apart.

Well, I don't have to tell you the big secret. Hopefully, you've figured it out. Bill O'Toole is Rane Kirk's alter ego. As O'Toole he is free to do as he pleases without the interference of fame. Oh, and he hasn't forgotten Kinzey, he hasn't forgotten that she did nothing with her grant money and he hasn't forgotten the attraction he always felt for her.

It's a sexy, sweet story about the power of love and family. And what to do when your dreams could easily be shattered by the one person who might make all the difference in a lonely life.

Hope you enjoy this new series. Book Two, Lessons in Fly Fishing releases next month!

Over at Ellora's Cave, the next Mad Duchesses series book is undergoing edits. The title? Age of Innocence. Yes, that is where I am heading as soon as I hit 'publish' on this blog post. I am doing first round edits and should have back to my editor in a few days. Hopefully this will be released sometime in June. Here's the cover.

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