Saturday, May 10, 2014

What's Next? A Summer Full of Great Reads!

It's going to be a busy summer, with releases nearly every month until September, I think.

Book Two in the Far From Home series will be released around June 1st. This title, Lessons in Fly Fishing, is a second chances story about high school sweethearts who could never get it together. Finally at their 20th high school reunion, the time is right.

Sometime during June, my next Ellora's Cave novella will be out. Book Three in the Mad Duchesses series, title Age of Innocence is a great story about sexual inexperience and the expert teacher but in a complete roll reversal. Ferd has only been with one woman and he doesn't want to suffer the same humiliation with his new, twice-wed duchess. Let's just say Ferd has a trigger problem.

By the first week in July, Book Three in Far From Home series will be ready. I love this story as my couple meets in Greece! I'm waffling on the title for this story but I have to get the cover ordered soon, so I'd better make up my mind!

And then, Book Four the final story in the Mad Duchesses series will be available. The Day After is a heart-wrenching story about honor and duty and loyalty to a best friend. What would you do if you loved your best friend's wife? I've always wanted to write a Scottish hero - I think you will love him.

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