Friday, August 8, 2014

Release Day: The Day After

My favorite day as a writer is always release day. This one coming up is extra special since it will be the release of the final novella in the Mad Duchesses' series.

The Day After is all about unrequited love, that of our hero Dashiel Hamilton. He has loved Laura since they first met but there was another suitor who won her heart and her hand - his best friend, the Duke of Mabry. He's loved her from afar because he would never do anything to jeopardize his lifelong friendship with Mabry.

Until the day after...

Mabry finally succumbs to the wounds of a riding accident and Laura is devastated. She turns to Dashiel for comfort but they get much more than they bargained for. The day after Mabry's death, Dashiel's greatest wish comes true but Laura is horrified she has betrayed Mabry.

Find out what happens the day after...

And did you know this about the Mad Duchesses' series...

In Book One, One Last Night, the famed Abbess Madame Alice Dupuis (from the Wicked Affairs' series) helps Lucinda fulfill her lustful dreams and that John Allen (our well-endowed hero) was once a gigolo at the brothel.

Or this?

In Book Three, the Honorable Ferdinand Ford, Ferddie to his friends, is the competitive sportsman who enjoys horses and boxing along with other sorts of manly pursuits and is the hero of Age of Innocence. He appears in Wicked Temptation, where he played billiards with the Duke of Pelham. And in Wicked Secrets where he was riding with Charles Standifer, the Earl of Archer.

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