Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Nothing Like A Good Book... And Chocolate

Hello. I'm just back from a long two week trip for the EDJ. For those who follow me on Facebook, you've probably seen a few of the pics I title: Chocolates From Around the World. Well, I'm going to post a few for you. Then, later this week, I'm going to post some really great shots from Teatro Colon in Buenos Aires. What a great opera house!

But let's talk chocolate to start.

Chocolate cake with ice cream and a dollop of vanilla - Milan, Italy. Beautifully plated. Gordon Ramsey would be proud.

A cute white chocolate cake with raspberry gelatin-like topping. In Sao Paulo, Brazil

Basically tricked out chocolate brownies. A nice hotel welcome also in Sao Paulo. The candy coating I didn't try but it was pretty.

It's a chocolate malt, with chocolate shavings and Oval-tine at my favorite burger joint in Sao Paulo, Brazil. I don't know if it's impolite to slurp. See the chocolate drips down the inside? There was a great, gooey clump of chocolate at the bottom of my glass!

Profiteroles at Mr. B's Bistro in NOLA. These were lip-smacking delicious. I almost went back a second day just to have these again. BTW, Mr. B's was excellent all around.

New Orleans. A fluer-de-lis candy with three layers. Mmmmm.

Chocolate mousse shots - Guayaquil, Ecuador

Fondant - Sao Paulo
Love this clever use of the spoon to sprinkle the chocolate powder.

There you have it! So I titled this "Nothing Like A Good Book... So I should also mention the good book I am reading right now. Mary Balogh's series The Survivor's Club, titled The Escape. Mary just has a way about making suffering beautiful especially when love is there to heal the wounds.

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