Thursday, November 13, 2014

Wanton Christmas Wishes Sneak Peek: A Christmas Wish by Jess Michaels

It's almost Christmas time again and what better way to celebrate than with an anthology of Christmas wishes - the hot and naughty kind. Join me and several of today's hottest erotic historical romance writers. Today's tease is by author Jess Michaels.

She turned her face and stared out as the drive wound through dense, beautiful woods for a few moments. She couldn’t help but think of the last time she’d seen Stephen. It had been the day after her wedding…and her wedding night. She had still been basking in the glow of having the man she loved introduce her body to such pleasures and then…

Then she had found out the terrible truth about him. 

“My lady!”

Amelia jolted at Helen’s sharp tone and found her servant was now holding out a crisp handkerchief. She blushed as she realized that a tear had escaped her eye and was winding its way down her cheek.

“At least I’m doing this in the safety of my carriage,” she muttered as she swiped the errant tear away. “I certainly don’t want to weep in front of his servants so they can report it to him when he arrives next week.”

Helen nodded. “You’re strong, my lady. You’ll manage.”

“I will,” Amelia agreed. “I must. For the sake of our families and the upcoming holiday. I certainly won’t let Lord Blackgrove see that his lack of affection causes me any pain. Luckily I have seven days to make certain I hide the bitter truth.”

Helen had stopped looking at her and was now staring out the carriage window. Her face was suddenly pale and her eyes wide.

“My lady,” she began, then trailed off.

Amelia wrinkled her brow at the servant’s obvious dismay. “What is it?”

“It—it’s…” Helen pointed out the window as the carriage stopped. “It’s him!”

A Christmas Wish is available as part of the Wanton Christmas Wishes anthology, releasing on November 18th and most retailers.

And thanks to our fans, we're already at #14 in Victorian! Woot!


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