Friday, December 26, 2014

22 1/2 reasons David Gandy has ruined us for all other men

Feeling the love from my favorite muse, David Gandy. I am supposed to be writing but got distracted in my David Gandy file folder.

Wanna comment? Tell the world why David has ruined you for all other men and one lucky winner will received a PRINT copy of Best Served Cold, a romantic suspense story with my own man of the world.

1)     David doesn't drive a beat-up pickup truck.

2)     David smells good. All. The. Time.

3)     You never have to buy David a tie for Christmas.

4)     No one will ever say, "And you let David out of the house looking like that?"

5)     David doesn't chew sunflower seeds.

6)     David can actually wear a Speedo.

7)     David calls back.

8)     David doesn't watch porn. He is porn.

9)     David is never late.

10) David understands the importance of a woman's shoes.

11) David doesn't wear white socks.

12) David has never peed on the side of a road.

13) When you want to watch Mad Men, David will be there with you.

14) David knows the location of Botswana.

15) Having lunch with David? He turns off his cell phone.

16) David looks good in plaid. Or nothing.

17) David knows people. (Rubes, this is Number Ten, Downing Street)

18) David doesn't get marinara sauce on his whites.

19) David doesn’t shove hankies in his back pocket.

20) David is a dog's best friend.

21) David can wear leather pants.

 22) David can changes tires. All right a half a point since your man can too.

23) David loves art.

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Juanita Decuir said...

David always looks awesome in wearing the colour blue!...With David's voice, he can read to me anytime!...David loves puppies!...David knows the best places around the world to get chocolate!...David knows what kind of sheets to use in bed! And do I need to mention, pajamas?!

Eliza Lloyd said...

The sheets! LOL, J, that was a good one. Yes, the voice. Any British accent please. I would love to have David do my voice announcement on my cell phone.

Anna-Maria Athanasiou said...

David knows how to cook!!!

Eliza Lloyd said...

Wonder if he'd invite us over for a homecooked dinner, Anna-Maria? E

Mara Vera said...

He can cook himself into any woman's thoughts, burning himself into our hearts. Never letting go. He's an any kind of animal lover, and he cares for all children and adults that are in need. He does all he can to help people. He's a caring, fun, solidary, well spoken man.