Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Out With The Old; In With The New

Happy New Year 2015

I'm always interested in taking stock at the end of the year. Have I accomplished what I had hoped? Did I set the bar too low or did I overreach?

My single overarching goal is to be able to support myself with writing income only. I can tell you I am a long way from that. But can I accomplish this? Someday. The publishing market continues to be wildly unpredictable. Should I sell exclusively on Amazon to participate in Kindle Unlimited? Should I find an agent? Should I hope for a contract with a New York publisher? And how do I expand my reader base? Honestly I'd rather have devoted readers than a NY contract.

All of these things are background noise to my larger vision. I want to write great books that my readers enjoy.

So for 2015 what I hope to accomplish is:

1) Publish the next two books in the Wicked Affairs series. The next two books are written and I am writing three more. I don't know when or how I will end this series. I just enjoy this world and the characters in it.

2) I am working on a two-part Dickens-like novel. The heroine is a sassy, boyish, desirable hoyden. I love her and I've never written such a character before. This book is in four parts - two parts per novel and they are very long. The first book is 95,000 words and I'm about 10,000 into Book Two.

3) I am going to look for a second publisher. While I'll continue to do some self-pubbed work, I want to try to expand my reader base through an additional respectable publisher, perhaps Samhain, Carina or another digital house. The profit isn't as great but I would like to tap into more readers.

4) I've been debating the start up of a street team. What do you think? How are the teams you are on working? Do you enjoy it or is it a burden?

5) I have several series going. Eek! I'm going to try to get a story in each series out this year. I'll be wrapping up the contemporary series Far From Home.

6) And who knows? I may even write some paranormal or young adult under a pen name. Should be an interesting year. Hope you'll come along.

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