Monday, September 14, 2015

Play It Cool: Release day September 16th

Wow, this release happened fast. Seems like just yesterday I was editing this story. Play It Cool is book three in the Cold Play series. This is a romantic suspense series, all with international settings from London, England to Athens, Greece and all points in between. The heroes are all very, very bad men who've come to the realization there is only one thing worth dying for - not country, not money, not power - but the women they love.

Blurb for Play It Cool!

Ingrid is attracted to the sexy Spaniard and he’s just the man she needs for a one-night stand. He’s the perfect lover and a great antidote to forgetting her fiancĂ©. Too bad she hasn’t told him who she really is.

Rafe is a thief and liar. He has spent his life breaking hearts and scamming the unsuspecting. Until he is caught up in a scheme that threatens his daughter, Rafe has never considered settling down. Until CIA strongman David Freeman forces him into a corner.

Just as Rafe finds love and lust with the peaceful beauty Ingrid, his world comes crashing down. He learns the hard way the woman he is falling for is the missing Rittenhauser heiress. Just the kind of woman he needs to avoid if he is to change his ways.

And just the kind of woman to despise him for his humble beginnings and illegal activities. One last job for Freeman to earn his freedom and maybe win Ingrid the old fashioned way...with sex and seduction.

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