Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Wicked Affairs, Book Seven - Readers' choice

Decisions, decisions.

I'm toying with book seven in the Wicked Affairs series. I've got three stories I'm working on and want your opinion on the book you most want to read. The titles are all tentative so don't read anything into them AND the stories aren't under contract yet either (so a contract will win out, no matter how things go here). So here they are:

Option One:
Wicked Shades
Audrina and Gray Paquin find themselves in a problematic marriage. Gray is the consummate gentleman but his wife needs a very strong hand. Audrina is the sister to Clarissa (Wicked Desires) and Juliana (Wicked Indiscretions).

Option Two:
Wicked Scandal
Emberline Booth (we met her briefly at Glen Arbor, Edward Chase's home in Wicked Lord) is a long time acquaintance of Trenton James (we met him in Wicked Siren, one of Viviana Love's backstage admirers), one of the ton scoundrels, who has suddenly set his gaze upon widow Emberline. She'd rejected Trenton once and he'd punished her in return - causing great harm to both families. What is she to do know that she really needs him?

Option Three:
Wicked Jade
Viscount Robert North (brother of Emberline Booth) is tempted by a married woman. (I know who this is, but to tell you would give away an upcoming storyline).

Leave a comment for the story you'd most like to read... And please bear with me on which ever story it ends up being. 

Can't wait to hear your thoughts.

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