Thursday, March 30, 2017

Another Lover new cover/Birds of Paradise

I may not be getting new work published but I am catching up on getting all of my "rights reversion" books re-published.

So, Another Lover. One of my favorite books. This is one of the only books where I knew the ending lines before I ever started writing the novella. But even though I'm a punster, I don't let my characters meander.

The series, Birds of Paradise, is all about women in unique circumstances in which they take lovers. The stories are also tied, in a way.

Another Lover is about Isabelle St. Hillaire, the Westminster Whore, and the final book will be about her brother, Christian St. Hillaire, captain of a sea-going vessel owned by Isabelle's new husband. This final book is started but not yet titled.

Book two, one of my bestselling books, is The Darkness in the Marquess of Dane. Dane was the dark character in book one who wanted to purchase Isabelle's favors. In DMD, we find out why he is such a troubled, dark soul. His lover, Christine Turnbow, needs money and she sells herself to Dane to save her family. Only she saves Dane's soul instead.

Christine's brother, the earl of Compton, Mark Turnbow, is featured in book three, currently titled a Mistress to Remember. He takes a lover after his wife dies with no thought to marriage. I'm on the last chapter of this book and will have a blurb out on this shortly.

Two families, four love stories. All of the books are very sexual, so I've warned you.

About the Another Lover covers: The lovely Dar Albert did both of these. I loved the first one, but man, oh man, did Dar outdo herself on the second one. Tell me which one you like better.

Here's the new one. Just fabulous, I think
And the original...

Another Lover will be re-published this week! Hope you'll pickup your digital copy and fine retailers near you...


Anonymous said...

Is Another Lover out yet? I can't find it anywhere.

Thank you!

E.M. Lloyd said...

Yes, at all the major retailers. Sorry for my delay in answering, I was locked out of my blog! E.