Friday, September 23, 2011

Best Served Cold - A new contract with Ellora's Cave

I'm so excited to tell you that my next contract with Ellora's Cave (just signed) is going to be something brand new - a contemporary romantic suspense set in Athens, Greece. Athens is one of my favorite places in the world - the weather, the history, the Mediterranean, the baklava. I want to pack my bags and head out now.

I love the intrigue of the James Bond/Bourne series' and I've tried to write something that resembles those settings. I'm not making any comparisons so please don't laugh when you actually read it...but I have, I believe, written my strongest heroine in Dr. Keefe Pearson, a world renowned archaeologist neck deep in trouble.

Why have I titled an erotica Best Served Cold? Well, Dr. Pearson is out for revenge and, as the saying goes, it is best served cold. Keefe has waited years to take her revenge and just when everything has fallen into place, HE shows up.  HE is the stone-cold CIA man who's on her trail.

Can't wait to get this one in your hands though we haven't started editing yet. It's dear to me and I hope my fans will enjoy the switch to intrigue.  Don't worry, the next WICKED book is nearing completion.

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