Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The All-Seeing Eye - New Release!

After writing this story, I've decided reading other people's thoughts would not be such a great thing. Give me some other super-power please.

Here's a short excerpt from the story, which will be available tomorrow.

Isadora Chapman pretended wide-eyed innocence as she avoided the milling crowds and if someone accidentally made eye contact, she hurriedly looked away. Sometimes she feared people would look her in the eye and know

They would know she knew all of their secrets.

She had learned to control and hide her gift at a very young age, which is why she remained anonymous to the group of scholars who formed the Society for the Advancement of Science. They knew her as I, the ninth member of the secret society dedicated to the non-traditional sciences.

Few would actually call the academics within the group scientists. Most preferred terms such as charlatan, fool, demon and lunatic.

Isadora was none of those things, only a woman who remained alone because she knew things she ought not.

She knew Lord Hadley spied for the French during the Napoleonic Wars and worried still he might be exposed.

She knew Albert Finch had murdered his first wife.

She knew about ton affairs. About sexual peccadilloes. About betrayal. And heartache.

She knew her father worried about their finances. And her mother worried about her father.

She also knew Gregory Beckwith, the Earl of Lattham, was the finest man in London—honorable and with a heart full of fiery compassion. He had a unique gift for mechanical gadgetry which fascinated her, but just as he thought of one astonishing thing, he would move on to another and she never really could grasp the concepts floating around in his head.

Strange she could so easily forgive him for his ability to charm women into his bed and for his inability to see his family wanted him to marry and provide heirs.

Lattham did not know she was alive.
Here's the cover. Another winner from Reese Dante.

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