Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Clubs of London, Vol II

I'm reading a tome from 1828 titled The Clubs of London with anecdotes of their members, sketches of character and conversations.

I never tire of the British sense of humor - subtle, dry and observational.

Here's a little ditty certain card players might appreciate:

Sir Francis Burdett one evening was speaking most affectionately of his grandfather; and, among other agreeable recollections of the days of his boyhood, he stated that his progenitor had been also in the habit of playing a game at whist every night.

“And it is curious,” he said, “that one night, just as he had said, ‘Clubs were trumps!’ and won the game, he fell back in his chair and expired!”

Curran, who had not been yet, said a good thing, instantly observed, “Baronet, you surely have made a mistake: he must have said ‘Spades were trumps,’” and pointed significantly towards the ground, as if in the act of digging.
The Reform Club, London

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