Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Upcoming Release for Wicked Secrets

It's here! Book Four of the Wicked Affairs series, titled Wicked Secrets. Oh, I love this story. Well, the whole series really. But this one has an added layer of emotion and heartache.

Release day is September 6th!

Here's the a little blurb - and remember I did warn you about the affair!

The Earl of Archer, Charles Standifer’s infatuation with his wife has turned into the cold reality of marriage misery. Vows are not so easily broken but when he gives into temptation all the secrets of the past threaten to destroy them and their marriage. He would give anything to have his wife, but she will have none of him.

The reserved and compassionate Alizabet, Lady Archer knows she will never please her husband in ways that matter to men yet she cannot deny the love she has for him in spite of the heartbreaking betrayal.

He has never doubted her affection for him, but that has done nothing to assuage his sexual need. When Charles discovers the revelation of Alizabet’s shocking past, can he be the man and husband she needs? Or will he forever be denied his rights to the alluring yet unattainable woman he calls wife?

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