Monday, July 7, 2014

Nine Best Historical Romance Writers

I've been thinking about this list for some time. There really are some great historical romance writers out there and they are some of the best romance writers in general. Tell me your favorite historical writers and the best book they've written...

And here they are:

Kathleen Woodiwiss
            Kathleen’s dialogue is spot on and her prose epic. We are on a first name basis with her characters. We want to be owned by Wulfgar, on the high seas with Captain Birmingham and seduced by Cole Latimer.
            FIVE STAR RECOMMENDATION: The Wolf and the Dove

Eloisa James
            Eloisa blends clever wit and unusual plots. She gives us a reason to hate the protagonists and then forces us to love them, even that scoundrel Villiers. Her heroines get matted hair, her heroes lose chess matches to their wives and she welcomes with open arms bastards and governesses.
            FIVE STAR RECOMMENDATION: This Duchess of Mine

Loretta Chase
            Loretta is another dialogue queen who writes the naughtiest little stories – clever naughty, you know - innuendo and intimacy coupled with unlikely heroines and dashing rakes. I don’t think there is a more lovable hero who so hates himself as Lord Dane. It just goes to show the right woman, handled with the skill of Loretta’s keyboard, can make everything right, even for Dane.
            FIVE STAR RECOMMENDATION: Lord of Scoundrels

Mary Balogh
            Mary. Mary. Mary. How I love thy words. She has written two of my ALL-TIME all-time favorite novels: The Secret Pearl and Simply Love. There is no one who can write such flawed, wounded characters, especially the men, the way Mary does, deftly using their wounds and their honor in such a beautifully moving way.
            FIVE STAR RECOMMENDATION: The Secret Pearl

Sherry Thomas
            Sherry has some KW qualities with beautiful, clever prose and excellent history added in for flavor. I’ve read all of Sherry’s books and enjoy every word the second and third time. Three of my favorite words ever written are “Leo. Leo. Leo.” Read those words in the context of Not Quite A Husband and your heart will break too!
            FIVE STAR RECOMMENDATION: Not Quite A Husband

Madeline Hunter
            I don’t see Madeline’s name on enough Top Ten lists. Again, we have another history buff who provides an excellent backdrop to her stories along with very unconventional plots. Madeline has an excellent command of language, using words in such a clever way.
            FIVE STAR RECOMMENDATION: The Charmer

Liz Carlyle
            I find Liz and MH to be very similar in their writing style, though Liz will just come out and say things like they are - with no sugar coating. I remember one phrase that cracked me up, something about sucking the brass off a candlestick. Well, you get the idea. Liz is a darker storyteller with dryer humor.
            FIVE STAR RECOMMENDATION: The Devil To Pay

Julia Quinn
            Well, no one can dispute that Julia is the queen of comedy in a historical romance and maybe comedy isn’t the right word. Her stories are just full of fun and smiles. All of her heroes feel like they could be my brother and the women my sisters. Delightful is the word that describes Julia’s writing.
            FIVE STAR RECOMMENDATION: The Duke and I

Joanna Bourne
            Joanna is another fantastic in depth historical writer and she tackles history from a unique perspective, not (just) the ballrooms but in prisons and the byways of life. Her stories are gritty but the prose and dialogue perfection!
            FIVE STAR RECOMMENDATION: The Spymaster’s Lady

 I know I'm crushing all the Lisa Kleypas and Elizabeth Hoyt fans, so you'll have to make your case.

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kipha said...

Oooo~ you have all my authors on that list! Well, I haven't tried Liz but I have seen her work and many friends love her work. As for not having Lisa and Elizabeth on the list.... I'll just say that there are too many great HR authors out there that they can't ball make it into a list.

Eliza Lloyd said...

So true KiPha! I find historical writers have a such a command of language and plot. So many books, so little time!!! E

Anonymous said...

How could you possibly leave out Julie Garwood or Judith McNaught? They are both wonderful writers whose books are timeless.

Eliza Lloyd said...

Whitney, My Love. I know - that is the problem with Best of Lists, there is always someone else just as good or they have one book that radiates greatness. :)

Anonymous said...

Tessa Dare--love her humor. The Scandalous, Dissolute, No-Good Mr. Wright is more of a Novella but I love it.

As long as you mention KW, I have to say Shanna is one of my faves of all time. Love Ruark Beauchamp.

Stephanie Laurens--although I've read many of her Cynster novels, Devil Cynster is a fave character as is Honoria.

Beverly Kendall--love her books as well. Julie Anne Long's What I Did For a Duke.

Of course on of my fave couples has to be Helene and Lord Redding.

I could go on, but I have just a minute and had to mention a few of my faves.

Eliza Lloyd said...

I love that Tessa Dare title but I must confess I have never read one of her books. I now pledge to do so...

One thing I loved about Devil Cynster was that he never said I love you in their novel... I think he said it in another one though. Honoria put up with a lot!

I love the Shana story line, though it is not one of KW's books that I regularly reread - don't know why.

Well, who doesn't love Helene and Lord Redding? LOL!