Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Welcome Back Jess Michaels!

Jess Michaels is back! Her newest release A Matter of Sin comes out on July 15th!

Here's the blurb:

The widowed Lady Isabel Avenbury has one remaining younger sister to shepherd into an advantageous marriage, and then she will be free. Free to take a lover to fill her lonely nights—the only option left for a woman on the delicate edge of a certain age.

Except when she chaperones her sister to a country house party, she is taken aback by her sudden, undeniable attraction to the host. And deliciously scandalized when she finds a copy of the notorious, much-gossiped-about Ladies Book of Pleasures in his library.

When Seth Rowland, Marquis Lyndham, notices his book is missing, his interest is piqued as to which of the potential young brides at his party has absconded with it—and he’s shocked to discover it’s Isabel. Though older than the women he’d planned to court, the powerful beauty exudes a sensuality he cannot ignore.

The book inspires them to begin a desperate, passionate affair. But their time together is running out and they must choose. Follow society’s rules, or take a chance at love.


“As soon as I’ve seen my sister wedded to the right gentleman, I intend to take a lover.”
As the words came from her lips, Isabel, the Countess of Avenbury, folded her hands in her lap and looked evenly across the table at her two best friends.

“Isabel!” Lady Jacinda burst out as she set her teacup down with a clatter. Her sensitive friend’s eyes were almost impossibly wide and her cheeks pink with outrage and embarrassment.

Isabel arched a brow. Well, there was one reaction judged. She turned her gaze toward her other best friend, the Duchess of Jameswood. She found that Grace was simply staring at her, one eyebrow arched and her teacup paused halfway in its journey to her full lips.

“I see you disapprove my choice as much as Jacinda seems to,” Isabel said softly.

Grace lowered her cup with measured slowness. “No, that isn’t it at all, my dear. I simply didn’t expect to hear you, of all people, say such a thing.”

“Really, Isabel!” Jacinda said with a quick nod. “You have always been so responsible. So dependable.”

Isabel smiled. Jacinda spoke words that said she was scandalized, but there was no judgment to her tone, nor in her expression, only worry. And why wouldn’t she be concerned? Jacinda knew the consequences of scandal.

“You make me sound like my late husband’s favorite spaniel,” Isabel mused. “Dear old Rex was quite dependable as well, if I recall.”

Jacinda flushed and swallowed. “Oh, Isabel, I didn’t mean—”

Isabel caught her gentle friend’s hand and held it lightly. “Of course you didn’t. Don’t trouble yourself, I didn’t say it in anger. I can see you’re only concerned about my reputation.”

Author Info:
Jess Michaels writes erotic historical romance and has also written historical romance and urban fantasy (under different names). She has published nearly 50 books, been a bestseller and award winner. When not writing, she enjoys video games, hanging with her husband and being the geekiest aunt ever. She lives in Tucson with her husband and two old lady cats.


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